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  1. In excellent condition with very little use. I'll let the pics tell the story. Headcover and tool included. Will ship priority. Shaft has been Pured and tipped 1/2". BEAST of a low launch/spin driver $350 $330 $310
  2. was in a Smith machine?? 225 14 times in a Smith machine is roughly 225 8-9 times on a flat bench.
  3. In retrospect who cares.....this dude is something else...one hell of a player (still not "ripped" :stop: )
  4. Since when does a golfer having some semblance of a muscular build make him Adonis? Brooks is a bigger than average dude and it's evident he works out more than his peers....but my goodness the narrative of him and others being borderline bodybuilders is beyond annoying. Modern day athletes stay in shape and use hot equipment....ball goes far....get over it (that may have been a rant and for that I'm at least partially apologetic)
  5. The article clearly states his "current" S+'s are soft stepped
  6. speaking out your @ss or talking from experience? Cause my time meeting the people that work in the room where the handcrafted shafts are rolled was a completely different group of people you speak horribly about! I have 20+ years of building golf clubs and 10+ fitting, I never speak out of my a**. I meant no disparaging of them, just giving proper context. If I were disparaging them, I would simply offer a comparison between TT and it's competitors, which wouldn't do any favors to TT. The word "handcrafted" infers that these shafts are being made like the interior of a Rolls Royce, which couldn't be further from the truth. Human intervention with materials inherently causes inconsistency, this isn't difficult to understand. An automated, robotic process will produce much more consistent results than a human ever will. The fact that anyone would pay a premium for a line of shafts that inherently have more inconsistency, baffles me. I can't lie....I'm intrigued by this logic....it's.....logical
  7. When you think you know for sure how a user looks in real life based on the way they post.
  8. If you can swing an x flex I may swap you for my epic sz 5 wood. Or swap heads
  9. while fixing his putting is important....someone needs to fix his collar first. Really bothering me....
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