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  1. I have this identical putter and I love it! I don't think you can get a better mix of looks feel and stability. Really helped me with long putts too.
  2. Absolutely gorgeous irons! Im sure even Adam Scott would love to have those in the bag.
  3. These Evnroll putters are no joke! Absolutely love mine. Its helped me so sooo much on long putts too.
  4. Just tried these for the first time last weekend and i absolutely loved them! Feel is amazing
  5. I'm confused. I've never seen anything shaped like that before. Almost looks like a mini driver. How does it do off the deck?
  6. These look absolutely beautiful to me! I was curious if they would come out with any coating to help in wet conditions?? I wanted to try something like the glide 3.0 just for that reason but figured I'd wait to see if the SM8 had a similar coating option. I just can't seem to get away from Vokey Wedges lol
  7. Do we know when these will be available in stores? I have been thinking about getting a Spider X but want to compare the 2 before i buy. Im hoping these are cheaper than the Spiders too.
  8. Gosh good looking wedges! I've been looking for a set like this but they're the wrong bounce for me..
  9. I bought that exact case for my Skytrak! They fit perfectly. They should start selling those on their website.
  10. Just got fitted for the St190G and absolutely love it. I literally feel like i cant miss the center of the face so i can swing as hard as i want.
  11. I literally just bought one of these like 2 days ago. Can't wait to try it out.
  12. Wow thats crazy! I wonder how this could happen?? Definitely a sweet looking driver though
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