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  1. Bag has stayed pretty similar the last couple of years because everything works so well for me. Driver: Razr Fit 9.5* with GD AD DI 7s Fairways: -Callaway X-Hot pro 17* with Diamana Blueboard 83(played at 3 wood length) -Nike STR8-FIT Tour 19* with Diamana Blueboard 83(played at -.75in from standard) Irons: -4 iron J36 DPC with Nventix Nunchuk 370 (shaft cut to standard 4 iron length and a lot of lead tape added to the head and hosel until it felt right) -5-8 iron J36 CB with KBS Tours in standard length -9-PW J36 MB with KBS Tours in stand
  2. I still play Blueboard 83s in both of my fairways
  3. My Bridgestone J36s are the best clubs I have found for me
  4. I play a j36 4 iron but put a nunchuck driver shaft cut to 4 iron standard length. I also put a lot of lead tape on the club head to get the weight correct. it is probably my favorite club to hit.
  5. 1: Driver from BST 2: fairways 3: wedges when losing significant amount of spin due to wear
  6. Would like to buy a hybrid shaft at a reasonable price in S-flex. It’s for a 20* adams pro so would like it to be moderately high launch. For reference I use blue boards that I bought as pulls for my woods. Would be open to any suggestions. Thanks.
  7. 17* XHOT Pro with Blueboard 83
  8. I can’t say good enough things about my AD DI 7s. My SS is 102-104 and I seem to really be able to cut through the wind if I focus on hitting a less than full shot mid launch drive. I’ve got mine in a RAZR Fit 9.5* and I will never use a different driver shaft.
  9. Wanted to show some thanks for the hat and shirt that Diamana gave me. It’s not about the money, it’s about the customer appreciation they showed for me even though I haven’t made a purchase this year!
  10. In my humble opinion it’s like asking everyone to turn their head whenever you hit a bunker shot. It’s within the rules but how would anyone know if they grounded their club? It’s just impossible to verify if the “accidentally” anchor momentarily and that makes it against the spirit of the game of golf.
  11. Still use my J36 combo set. I have J38s and i20s but nothing feels as good to me.
  12. When every time you walk by your golf bag in your house you have to take a club out and set up to an imaginary ball.
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