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  1. For me, nothing beats the feel of a flushed, well compressed iron shot. The moment you strike it, during impact, sensing through your hands, arms and spine hitting the sweet spot and the shaft kicking at perfectly right time. The turf interaction, sending a clean and thin dollar bill shape divot in the air after pure contact with the ball. You feel the right sequencing in your muscles, kinetic chain working, the ease of it all in the motion. The ball flies off the club head like a rocket, dead straight towards the target, and to the perfect trajectory which holds. No side curve, no weak spinny shot that dies mid-air, just a strong penetrating ball flight that goes through the wind or whatever, and then at the peak of it’s height you start zoning the ball, the green, the flag, and the ball again…knowing that it will drop very close if you chose the right club. Man, that is such a complete golf experience, captivates everything I love about this game. In driving, you miss that zoning in to the specifc target (hole) part, and in short game you miss the proud and uplifting experience of sending ball airborne to its full flight. Every shot, well executed, gives an awesome and somewhat different feeling though. Btw, after this opinion, is anyone surprised that I play Mizuno irons?
  2. 2) Did you get skinned by Henrik Stenson? Good observatorion, and valid for PGA Tour players as well. Rory just recently switched back to his old trusty 3 wood.
  3. I’m glad that you are happy with yourself. I just found that ”joke” tacky and offensive. More like an insult disguised as a joke.
  4. One of Europe’s biggest stars Tommy Fleetwood even just lost his PGA Tour card for next season. I’d pick Kevin Kisner for sure to the US team. He is currently hot with a win under his belt, nicknamed the ”matchplay assassin”, great putter, and a true locker room guy everyone loves playing and being with. For once the Yanks could let go of their commercial and endorsement driven thinking and do what’s best for their team: pick Kiz instead of Phil. Saying this as a Europe supporter because love to watch electric fights regardless of their outcome, aka Reed vs. Rory in 2016.
  5. The great Nick Faldo once answered to an interviewer about the topic: ”I can’t just go out there to play for fun because it doesn’t work for me. I can’t stand up and hit an eight iron sideways to the bunker and go - oh this is fun!”. He sure nailed it for me. Hitting good shots makes playing fun, and if you strike well you score well too. So, the better I play, the better my golfing experience gets - and vice versa.
  6. And the way he won them…US Open by 15 shot margin and The Open Championship by 8 shot margin.
  7. Captain America sure stirs up the pot and instigates controversy…at the Tour, Ryder Cup, and even on this forum! What a lightning rod of a man.
  8. Tiger schooled him real well in the shot shaping challenge. Morikawa could hang in there with cut shots but when they changed to high draws, it was game over for him. In the end Tiger made a bit of a statement on who is the greatest iron player of all time. After few perfect high six iron draws to the flag, he took a blade three iron from the bag and hit the same flag with a similar, but lower draw by swinging half speed. Best part: Did not take a single practise swing in between changing clubs and before executing this shot.
  9. As an European, I’m curious of your thoughts about certain Mr. Reed, aka Captain America? He gets fired up for the matches for sure, and will also lit up the home crowd, but what is his impact behind the scenes to the US team? Will the total influence lean into positive or negative in your opinion?
  10. Fun fact: Rickie Fowler is number 23 at all-time money list leaders, with nearly $40M earned by just playing tournament golf. At the age of 32. Guy would still be set for life without a single sponsor deal. At this stage, do you still play for the money, for majors and legacy, or because it is the lifestyle you’ve grown into?
  11. Agree 100%. I believe Rory belongs to the catholic minority of Northern Ireland and one of his extended family members has been murdered in the past during the violent clashes between protestants and catholics - which have been ongoing for more or less frequently for generations. In his junior years Rory has been competing in the same events and teams with Irish, which has just been the practicality of golf in that region. He probably deep down feels more connection to Ireland than UK, but due to political sensitivity, sad family history, and his current super star status, has decided to keep his mouth shut and take a neutral stance on the issue. The patriotic nature and flag waving of the Olympics is making it only worse for him. There is a saying that if you bow down to one direction, you will be showing your a## to the other, and this is exactly the case with Rory.
  12. Can someone please explain to me, when Rickie is being spoken of as a superstar, how much of that is because of his pure golf game? If we take away the marketability, Q-factors, and the overall good guy & cool guy vibe -just focus on his golf. He hits it longer than average, especially compared to his size, but not crazy long. Rory trumps him in this departmemt big time. Interesting looking swing, decent ball striker. Used to have somewhat aggressive playing style, but doesn’t everybody in their early twenties? Now has toned it down a tad. His putting stroke is a thing of beauty, I’ll give you that. Technically one of the best out there. Scoring and competing wise seems to lack that final killer instinct in tournament golf. However, still able to contend in every major as we’ve seen. He is, or was, that good overall. Hasn’t improved his game that much for the past few years. I think the fuzz around Rickie (worth 24 Pages in this Forum, lol) is the same bias why attractive looking people are assumed having also other appreciated qualities in them, and therefore receive more favorable treatment. People confuse his other abilities with his golf game and expect too much. Simple as that. Blame marketing and media if you will, but it is his choice to make those endorsements. Rickie is very good Tour player, but I’ll start calling him a star after he wins his first major and a superstar after he bags the second one.
  13. Tour Pros would still be playing mostly with blade irons, steel shafted metal woods and balata balls. Pro V1 ball wouldn’t have ever been introduced, no oversized NASA wind tunnel designed drivers heads with 100+ custom after market graphite shaft options either. No era of anchor putters, no single length irons for Bryson, etc. Utility irons and hybrids would be noin existent. How many more tournaments and majors more would have Tiger won? Would we still have seen the likes of Rory and Koepka bagging few majors each? Would DJ have developed a different approach to game? No success in Majors for 50+ guys, sorry Watson and Phil…or yes? Which players would have benefitted the most and for whom the lack of modern technology would have been disastrous?
  14. Hats off to you, Sir. As an European from Scandinavia we have a different tradition when it comes to walking vs golf carts. Only few years back in my country using golf carts was allowed in most courses only if you had a doctor’s certificate to prove that you are disabled. Now it is, unfortunately, becoming more accepted and popular here as well. I get the usage of golf carts in extreme heat or at courses with extreme elevation difference, but then on the other hand, why build golf courses to such places anyway if walking 18 holes becomes unbearable? Or why not just close the course for the hot season. What an effect would it have to golf as a hobby and an industry if usage of golf carts would be denied by default globally and you should walk your round? Probably it would bring great health improvements to many players, especially as obesity is more a norm than an exception among adult population in developed countries these days. Also, it would change the generic population in the courses to the more dedicated types, probably would improve overall playing speed and behavior as well. Less of those music blasting and beer drinking idiots making a mess and disturbing others. Also, I’d love to see all trash cans removed from golf courses in the name of sustainability. Rule would be, ’what you bring in your bag to the round, you take it away from the course as well’.
  15. Where I live and play the proper way is to tee up the ball if a group behind you hits it too close without yelling fore. I’ve done it myself once. To be fair, a simple apology from your side would have cleared the situation. It is always player’s and playing group’s responsibility to check that the course is clear before their next shot and knowing safe distances with one’s shot yardages.
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