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  1. i500 4 iron w/ DG X100 1down ... perfection
  2. I have thrown balls into the woods before and would immediately deposit yours in the woods if I was in that group. Intentionally or unintentionally there's no excuse for hitting into the group in front of you.
  3. What a ball Played the Cut Blue vs. my B300 RX & KSig 4-piece for the first time today. My home course is a desert course lined with houses and pools so OB can easily mean broken window. Par 5 dogleg right.. step up with driver and stripe the BRX on an aggressive line..it balloons into some poor old ladies' pool. K Sig same thing. Pull out the Cut, fully expecting it to exit the course like the last two. Almost identical swing... Cut Blue comes out significantly lower but still spinning a bit. Stays in the fairway skulled the second shot but it stays in play Get up to the third 90yds away, SW, water long and right. flush it to the back pin location. ball comes out low again and I'm thinking here goes another skipper into the water... it bites harder than a shark on an Instagram model and comes back to the pin. After a few more holes I realize this is absolutely a ProV1X without the gimmicky commercials and packaging. I am sold.
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