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  1. I went lighter but tried to keep a similar stiffness profile. Playing X100 in my MP54s. C-taper Light 115X in my MP-18 Fli-Hi 2-iron. Very happy with the results.
  2. If you like Titleist, switch to the TS3 or TSi3. The CG of the "2" model (TS2, TSi2) is more low and rearward than the 3, hence it tends to launch higher, assuming the same combination of loft and shaft. So in theory, moving to a TS3 in 9* should lower launch. Then you can adjust the surefit hosel to lower it another 0.75*. This should help with your launch.
  3. I have no experience with Oban shafts. But that sounds familiar. I started (or commented on) a thread regarding Diamana white profiles - I was looking to see what else I could try that would be similar. I seem to recall someone suggesting the Oban Black.
  4. My previous gamers (JPX 825 Pro) had leading grind. Current irons (MP54) have more of a continuous camber. Same with the 64s, 15s and 59s I have lying around.
  5. Agree about Tensei White - forgot to put that on the list of Mitsubishi shafts. I have a CK White in my hybrid and its a great shaft. The Pro will be more tip-stiff.
  6. GP is probably the stiffest tip in the AD line. BB, XC and M9003 follow similar profile. TP is not as soft in the butt but close. Diamana D+ or 'ahina might also work. DF was more of a cross between white and blue, and W has a different profile than all of the other white models. I have no experience with the Ventus line, but I'd also look at the Ventus Black.
  7. I keep coming back to X100s. Have them in my current gamers (MP54) and previous set (JPX 825 Pro). I've hit PX 6.5, C-taper and Tour X. I still prefer the consistence of X100. We get some windy days during the winter here in FL. The X100s seem to hold up better than some of my buddies who play KBS. Could be lower flight or spin. I'm no fitter, but given the options they gave you, I think X100s should have been on the list, not S300.
  8. My backup set are Mizuno MP32s. I take them out for a few rounds each year. I accept that I may not score as well with the 32s (primary gamers are MP54s). I lose some distance when I miss the face low or towards the toe. Not by much, but it costs me a few strokes a round. That being said, IMO there is no better feeling in golf than flushing a blade.
  9. I'm gaming a Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli Hi. Mine is 16.5*, but I don't carry a 3W. I think you'd be happy with the 18* model Titleist (U500, U510), Srixon (U85), Taylor Made (Gapr, P790 UDI), Tour Edge (CBX Ironwood, as @OsnolaKinnard stated above) also make good driving irons. The shorter and heavier shaft may help with your left miss.
  10. I've been playing Titleist woods/hybrids for years. Play everything at B1 or C1 to give me the flat setting. My miss is an overdraw which can turn into a hook. Don't know if my starting line is further right than before. But it is easier for me to hit a fade, my miss left is less severe, and I am able to swing more confidently off the tee (and especially when going for par-5s in 2 with my hybrid)
  11. I agree with @Stuart_G's take on this. In theory you affect face/lie/loft etc when you make these setting changes. In practice its not that simple. I play Titleist woods and hybrids. All clubs are either at B1 or C1. My typical miss was left, sometimes a hook. Whether it was a placebo or that I am face sensitive, I am not sure. But I CAN tell you that my misses became less severe at B1/C1, and that I was (am) swinging more confidently and gained distance.
  12. I concur with @noodle3872 and @Radeon962 The Rogue White is a blueboard-ish profile, so the Ventus Blue would be similar Closest equivalent to Ventus Black would be Rogue Silver. So given that Ventus Black to Rogue White isn't an apples-to-apples comparison, but assuming you are at a similar weight class and flex (e.g. 60X, 70S)... IMO the Rogue White should give higher launch and spin #s. And if the Ventus Black was a good fit for you, the White may feel a bit looser (smoother?) and could be easier to hit a draw with. Both are good shafts,
  13. Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-Hi 16.5*. Gets lots of play during the winter months when fairways here in FL dry up. Hibernates during the summer in my garage when the rains come and roll is nonexistent...
  14. I live on the west coast of FL. I have the opposite season conditions - soft & wet in summer, firm & dry in winter. I'm running PW (46*), 50*, 54* and 60*. 54 is high bounce (12*). 60 is medium (10*) 50 is low bounce (7*). This gives me multiple options. 54 gets a lot of use in the summer. 50 has been the wedge of choice lately. I think you have 2 options: 1. Swap out one of your wedges (probably the 58) for a high-bounce option. This would also become the default sand wedge. 2. Add a 3rd wedge (54 or 56) with high bounce, if
  15. That was definitely worth paying for, to get confirmation via the numbers that you have the optimum shaft for your swing. Plus getting to hit some other shafts and leave with a greater appreciation for what you were already gaming. Nice.
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