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  1. I gamed Mizuno S18 wedges for a few years. Still have the 54* SW in the bag, as nothing can seem to knock it out. Last year I started looking for a GW with some leading edge relief or perhaps a v-sole similar to Srixon's. Most of the fairways here in west FL are lush and soft, and the sharp leading edge of my 50* S18 wasn't helping. Wound up with Vegas (VW-08 and VW-10), that have a similar "blunted" leading edge like you see in some Miura irons. Very happy with the results. Also added a Yururi 58* with the same leading edge, that gets some time in the bag depending on the course. So my current makeup is Mizuno, Vega and Yururi. I get people who need matching wedges, but for me its whatever works...
  2. I am doing this: replaced my 3W with a 12* 917D2. Using a 43" Graphite Design XC in 7X. I was only hitting 3W off the tee, and the much deeper face of the 12* gives me significantly more confidence. I don't get the rollout that I do with my "1W", so it keeps me short of trouble on many holes around here. Have had this in place since before covid started. I'm hitting more driver(s) per round (always fun), having more wedges into greens and my typical score has dropped 1-2 strokes.
  3. I gamed MP-T4 for years. Great wedges, very versatile. I know what you mean about the different feel with Boron. Current SW is an S18 (the Boron doesn't bother me out of the sand), but for my other wedges I moved on from Mizuno b/c I didn't like the feel.
  4. TS3 10.5*, Diamana 'ahina 6x. Swingweight is D7. Its a sledgehammer, but when I'm fully warmed up, I know I can rip through the ball with this thing and it will retain the stable feel I want. I don't use it all the time - on many holes on the courses around here, I would roll through the fairway and into trouble. But its a lot of fun when I get to tee one up with this. I have an "alternate" driver (I consider it a 2W): a 12* 917D2 that plays at D6 and won't roll out past 270. That gets much more play in most rounds...
  5. I concur with @Ty-Webb on this. Currently gaming Modus 120X, previously gamed X100. The Modus feel softer without being much softer, if that makes sense. I demoed the DG 120X (when I still had X100 in the bag). They were ok, felt stable, but they didnt stand out enough to make me switch at that time. I've seen others make the comment (about Modus 120) that you either love them or hate them, and I agree. As a somewhat handsy player, the profile works for me. But I suspect most X100 fans would choose the DG120X
  6. I picked up some Vega wedges a few months ago when 2ndswing had a crazy deal. Now gaming a VW-10 (52*) and VW-08 (50*, turned down to 48*). I've hit my buddy's Miura wedges, and the feel is similar to me: soft yet dense. Also have a Yururi Gekku in 58* that holds up to the Miura, my prior (Mizuno) wedges or anything the "big box" brands have put out in recent years.
  7. I also agree with @RainShadow on this. I tend to game 6X shafts, but can easily switch back to a HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0 with no issues.
  8. Graphite Design has a Stiff Regular. Its between R and S.
  9. I agree with @Stuart_G on this. Currently gaming Modus 120X. I find them much closer to S300/S400, than the X100 in my prior irons.
  10. Nice work, I think this is a more informative and applicable chart than the official one. I have tried XC, VR, GP, TP, DI, MT and QT. Currently gaming both XC and VR (see my sig). I find the GP easier to elevate and fade than the XC. I get higher launch (and I think lower spin) with GP than with TP, to give some indication of where I'd put GP in your chart.
  11. @phizzy30, this is the main reason I swapped out the 'ahina 6X for a Graphite Design VR in 6X. I love the 'ahina, its the best shaft I've ever hit. But I have to be at least 90% for it to work correctly. Hmm, maybe I should try one in 6S...
  12. This. Though I'd replace "hard" with "fast". The goal should be a smooth, fast release of the clubhead. The ball just gets in the way. Mere mortals (I include myself in this group) have a hard time getting around the "see the ball hit the ball" mentality. That leads to trying to control the clubface at impact, which ironically slows down the clubhead and results in inconsistent contact. On my better driving days, I feel confident at setup, and go on faith that the ball will get in the way of a good swing. And that result is better contact, straighter ball flight and longer distance. On other days I just duck-hook one into the woods. LMAO
  13. TX (supposedly) has better/stronger materials, and its heavier in the BF (90g) vs the S+ (82g) in the 80TX flex. You might be better off in an S+ 90X (93g)
  14. @GooseHook, unless you were playing that BF in a TX flex, you probably won't notice much of a difference between the BF and S+. I have an S+ 73X in a Titleist 15* 913Fd, up at my buddy's house in NJ. I have no issues gaming that club when I fly up north for a visit, even to this day.
  15. My regular playing partner fights a negative AoA that led to impact low and heel side. This resulted in high spin shots that quickly rose in the air, with left to right flight patterns that died with little roll. One fix was to get his impact slightly toe-side of center. He also did well with a shaft change from a typical "blue" profile to an Aldila Tour Green. Aldila NV was another shaft that worked for him, both in a 60S weight. Diamana DF or D+ would also be on the list of "less active" shafts to try. Graphite Design XC and GP as well. Though I haven't tried it, I've read that Ventus blue was closer to DF than it was to the typical Diamana "blue" profile. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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