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  1. PW: 46* Mizuno MP54 GW: 50* Mizuno S18 SW: 54* Mizuno S18 LW: 60* Titleist WedgeWorks SM7 I only use the GW for approach shots. Full shots = 110yds, 3/4 shots = 90yds. Very happy with the S18s, great feel and consistent distance. Before the MP54s I had Mizuno JPX 825 Pros. That set came with a 50* gap wedge that I never used (replaced it with an MP-T4). Eventually I sent the JPX 825 Pro gap wedge up north with an old set of Mizunos to reside at my buddy's house (so i wouldn't have to travel with my sticks). Have played a few rounds wit
  2. I had a similar experience, and though I like the 15th anniversary I went back to the Tour Green in the 917D2 head. Felt that the Tour Green (65 TS) gave me better consistency on the course with 80% swings. The NV (60TX) would leak right, suggesting I either needed to add more swing speed or a more aggressive transition. And as you noted, its one thing to swing like that on the range once you've warmed up, vs on the course where a bad swing is severely penalized. It also occurs to me that the issue could be the head you put that NV in. As noted earlier, my 917 plays at 11.25*
  3. Some people like to try out the latest and greatest. Newest phone, leased cars in addition to whatever your favorite golf brand came out with this year. Inflation does come into play, and the major brands know that a good portion of their target market is not paycheck-to-paycheck and has more disposable income now than they did 10 or 20 years ago. Studies have shown that the rush women get from shopping is similar to the effects of some drugs. I imagine its the same for golfers and the latest driver. But that rush goes away, so next year we have to buy another one to get that rush again.
  4. I completely agree with this. The models after they started adding boron (JPX 850 Pro, I think) felt different. I'm still playing MP54s because nothing I've hit recently feel as good. Can't comment on the Srizon's or Muiras - haven't tried either (though I want to hit the Muiras) My answer would be between MP4 and MP-32 (which are my backup set). Nothing else comes close to me...
  5. Your starting point would probably be the same versions of later Diamana shafts. The DF is the most current. The W-series and D+ were prior to that, and the 'ahina was what came after your Whiteboard. W-series and D+ can be found on the 'bay for reasonable prices. A real-deal 'ahina is harder to come by, but you can find the made-for versions. I have an 'ahina 60X (ion) in a TS4 at the moment. And W-series and DF shafts in the garage. I like all three, but the 'ahina is still in the bag. I believe that Aldila has similar profiles in the Rogue Silver and RIP.
  6. About 6 years ago I upgraded from Mizuno MX-23s to JPX-825 Pros. I liked the 23s - my first set of forged irons - and still have them (residing up north with family so I don't have to fly with my sticks). The 825 Pros were longer, had a better sole, less offset and (just as others have noted) getting fit with proper shafts really helped. I went from S300 to X100 and started hitting lasers. The X100s were a better fit for my aggressive release, and my distances became more consistent. I've since upgraded to MP-54s, but I'll never get rid of the 825 Pros. Solid, und
  7. MP-18 MMC Fly-Hi 2i (16.5*). KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 115X shaft. Typically 240-250 off the tee, maybe more with good roll. This club goes in and out of my bag depending on conditions. I play this more in the winter and early spring, as courses are dry and it gets windy. Its rain season now in FL, so its back in the garage. Wet courses = no roll. 818H2 19* takes its place; same distance with higher flight and more carry.
  8. I've gamed 'ahina, W-series and DF. All in 60X. I prefer the 'ahina out of the three, and put it back into my current driver. I can drop it into the slot and rip through the ball, without any worry of it going left. 'ahina and W-series feel very similar. DF seems like a different animal, higher launching but feels looser IMO. Almost like they wanted to move it closer to the BF profile. (I thought that's what the ZF was for, but what do I know). Genuine 'ahinas (as opposed to the made for version) are harder to find. I'd look for a W-series. I see them on t
  9. You are correct about the head construction. I've been playing Mizuno for almost 20 years. MX-23, then JPX-825 Pro and now MP-54. Have hit to many other models to list here. Up through and including the JPX 825 series, the heads were all 1025e. Starting with the 850 series, Mizuno added Boron to the heads. Stronger metal = thinner/hotter face = more distance. But that changed the feel. I bought the 825 Pros over the 850 Pros b/c of the feel. I'm not sure when they started adding Boron to the MP line, but the MP18s and MP20s have it. So y
  10. I gamed 825 Pros for years. Solid irons. Upgraded a few years ago to MP-54s, which I am still gaming. I did hit the 919 JPX line at Golf Galaxy, but decided I preferred the feel of my MPs. The 921- or 919-series of JPX irons are probably your starting point. Similar look, minimal offset, etc. I read some where that with the 921 forged, they switched from 1025e carbon steel to Chromoly alloy steel. Gives a hotter face and more distance. Some of the reviews question whether the feel will be as soft as Mizzys are known for. The 919 Forged and Tour still
  11. Picked up a Tour Issue 917D2 in 12* for a song off the 'bay earlier this year. Turned it down to 11.25* and am playing it as a 2W at 44". I realized I rarely hit my 3W off the deck, so I put the 2W in the bag in its place. Was playing an Aldila Tour Green 65TS in the 2W. Now trying out a 15th anniversary Aldila NV 60TX. My SS is around 105. Decent swings generate 250+ of carry with a draw, and I've gone over 300 (total distance) with this club. My actual driver is a 9.5* TS4 (Diamana 'ahina 60X ion shaft). The driver is set u
  12. I'm sure others will comment regarding the feel, load, spin etc on these 2 shafts. But my understanding of DG vs Project X, from a stiffness standpoint, looks like this (from less stiff to more stiff): PX 5.5 < DG S300 < PX 6.0 < DG X100 < PX 6.5 So the DG S300 should feel more stiff than the PX 5.5. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  13. So I put the 15th anniversary NV (60TX) in a 917D2 head ( 12* turned down to 11.25*) that I'm playing as a 2W. I previously had a Tour Green 65TS in this head. It feels more stable than the Tour Green. Same launch (low to mid) for both. I think the weight is similar (65g for the Tour Green vs 66 for the NV). The NV feels like a Diamana White in the way it loads (or lack thereof). I am playing an 'ahina 60X (ion) in a 9.5* TS4, and the shafts feel very close to each other. One more thing, the NV is more anti-left than the Tour Green is. I was able to step on the NV
  14. I concur with @shortset. The 910 series had the same adapters for driver and fairway wood. I still have the 910 driver and 3W in my garage, and I can swap shafts between them. But every model from 913 on, the fairway wood is a shorter adapter (length from tip to end). So driver shafts and fairway shafts are no longer compatible. You could pick up a cheap 910-series 3W off the 'bay to experiment with. Otherwise you'll need to pull the adapter off your 915F and put a driver adapter on. FYI, you don't need a "910" driver adapter if you are going to do this.
  15. I have been doing yoga for 25+ years. There are some postures that help with ITBS. Some are similar to what @golfarb1 noted. Here is a similar stretch. Sit on a chair/couch. Cross your legs so the leg with the issue (in your case, your right leg) is crossed over your left. The outside of the right ankle should be resting on the top of the left thigh or left knee. Slowly bend forward at the waist. You will feel a stretch in 2 areas: IBT and glutes. I do this stretch regularly in the morning on days I am going to play golf. It has helped me a lot, hope it does the s
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