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  1. Yup, Far better known for their fishing equipment than their golf equipment.
  2. Cheers for England's Paul Casey! … http://www.morningre...f8-ffd8034489c5 Jeers for Justin (It's all about the money) Rose... https://www.golfchannel.com/news/justin-rose-heads-saudi-arabia-after-win-im-not-politician-im-pro-golfer?utm-tags=golf1304000
  3. The grip is actually a Karakal Jumbo Knurled. I have found they work well and look good on vintage putters. The wife also has back issues so having a ball pick up is a must. I did get a worthwhile Thank You for my work on her gift. ;)
  4. I just wish my 5 iron went 110 yds�� I was just commenting on the wedge shot that went 110.! Wishing my 5 iron would go that far. At 78 I am well aware of ALL the signs of aging! Richard, You're on the wrong post Buddy. Please go to "Where is the tell tale sign of getting aged. (In golf)" ;) Just kidding my Friend. I seriously doubt I will even make it to 78 years old much less being able to play. More Power to You My Friend! Keep Swinging, Tim
  5. I just wish my 5 iron went 110 yds�� Richard, You're on the wrong post Buddy. Please go to "Where is the tell tale sign of getting aged. (In golf)" ;)
  6. righr now there is a. Ad on your post! It only blocks the ads for me on my computer. It can't stop whatever and wherever this site puts the ads that you see. You will need to install an ad blocker on whatever device you use to stop them.
  7. Just finished this for my lefty wife Sally's vintage set. Grip was crumbling and the head looked like someone drove nails with it. Thought it ended up looking pretty good. Yes, she likes the shiny, shiny...
  8. Thanks Guys! Installed Adguard and that seems to have done the job!
  9. New Rant! These ridiculous ads and story requests that now are appearing here in the bottom right corner of my screen! These may drive me from this site altogether!!!
  10. Well, I am heavily tattooed and that includes a few cover-up pieces so no offense taken... unless you want me to. ;)
  11. As discussed on numerous other threads keep in mind that there are NO Shaft Flex Standards and I have seen many "ladies shafts" play firmer than numerous "senior shafts." Just like the number on the club head makes Zero Difference as only the loft and length matter, so too with shaft flex labels as only the actual frequency, torq, and true stiffness matter. Not what the label calls them. P.S. Labels can be removed or covered. ;)
  12. Hey Guys? I was looking for some sympathy in regard to the putting. I didn't expect any in regard to the temperature. I know where I live. ;)
  13. The weather was cold and so was the putter... Unbelievably cold here for South Florida. It was 42 degrees at 7:48am when I teed off this morning. We moved here from Wisconsin over 9 years ago so playing golf in the cold is nothing new, but it's been awhile. I was dressed appropriatly and in layers, although I didn't come out of any of them. Played the Snake Eyes S&W set and was hitting the ball well. I should have shot something in the very low 80's but not only was I cold, the putter was stone cold. I burned both edges of the cup. I left it one inch long, and one inch short. I played ring around the rosy. I said some bad words under my breath. I would have soundly thrashed the 2 gentlemen I was playing with if I could have just dropped a few putts. As it was I hung with them but they were shaking their heads too as my birdie putt at 18 rolled right to the lip... and stopped.
  14. The 4 sets in my signature are all the same length by iron number. I know I have to club up 1 with the 95's and 2 with the 71's and 67's to get the same result but standardizing the lengths works best for me. Like you I don't buy stuff I won't hit so my stuff wasn't collectable or pristine to begin with per say.
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