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  1. I finally made it...in before the lock
  2. Still liking my JMX Tour Series after a couple months. Only wear I see is some of the grey wearing away where my thumb sits. Picked up a few of the Ultralites for my dad to try.
  3. I have a Flextech Crossover (14 way stand bag). Maybe slightly more grip sticking than previously, but not awful by any means.
  4. I started with one on Driver, and 8-PW just to get some feel on both sides of the bag. Ended up switching the entire set to JMX Tour Series Medium. I wear medium glove for reference.
  5. That 2 hybrid may never leave the bag. How long has he been playing the Mav 4W?
  6. Probably more of a trend-based thing with recent wins. i.e. Hybrid popularity in the earlier 2010's, driving iron craze of the late 2010's, and the ongoing 7w craze. Per my signature, one can see I am part of two of these haha
  7. Mine was pre-owned. UST ProForce V2HL - 52g from what I can find. Shaft has been cut 1" and has a Tour Series JMX grip. No idea what it plays at haha but I've always been interested in trying heavier shafts.
  8. I purchased mine with the sole purpose of being a tee club. I have a 4w and 7w around it that are versatile enough to allow me to hold greens from longer distances. At my home course, it comes out about 3-4 times. I could see myself using it off the deck if our grass really dried out and was playing into some wind to try and run one up, but so far, just tee club.
  9. TXG did a video with the standard tour series a while back. Although a very small data set (1 tester, 1 club, several shots) I believe there was some form of correlation with attack angle as they altered between under and JMX grips. That being said, I love the 4 JMX tour series Medium I bought to test; so much so that I am regrouping the rest of my set with them. My driver miss at the moment is a push cut, but it's miles better than the flip hook I was with before. I can't say that it's all attributed to the grip slowing face rotation, but probably more so better sequencing as of lately.
  10. After playing with JumboMax Tour Series Medium on four clubs for about a month, I can confirm they are my favorite grip and I will rapidly be switching the remainder of my bag to them.
  11. Idk about best bag, but my FlexTech Crossover has suited me well. As for pushcart recommendations, I always recommend TGW carts for best bang for the buck. 4 models available, decently priced, and even better so when their sales come on like every other week.
  12. Glad to see Brice get featured! He'll probably be buried with that 2 Hybrid and the 2 Ball. Needs to bring back the sharpie alignment on the 2 ball.
  13. A. TM MG 50, 54 and MG Hi-Toe 60 B. Yes. TM P790's C. 45*, 50*, 54*, 60*. I played a Milled Grind 58* previously, but really liked the ATV sole grind on the Hi-Toe. D. 9* in the 50, 11* in the 54; both are the standard bounce edition which look like a Vokey F grind with more heel side grind. I don't believe there is a listed bounce for the ATV grind on the 60. E. Whatever I bought them pre-owned with . KBS 610 in 50*, TT Dynamic Gold in 54*, KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 in the 60*
  14. I'm not sure of any recent irons marketed as draw bias, but I distinctly remember the R7 line from TM having a draw edition, although I think their CGB max as well may also be considered draw biased in their product specs.
  15. macedan

    Sub70 vs PXG

    +1 for the move to graphite. Best equipment decision I've made.
  16. macedan

    Sub70 vs PXG

    I guess PXG's new lineup is cheaper, but this is the first time I've ever heard them described as "best bang for the buck". lol Jokes aside, I unfortunately cannot offer a comparison between the two in terms of performance, but can guarantee you that you won't find customer service anywhere near as exceptional as what Sub70 can provide. I would echo a previous poster and consider their demo program if you're interested in testing them.
  17. I enjoyed my set of Rbladez, but from a sales standpoint and appearance to a variety of handicaps, it's hard to objectively argue P790's aren't the best TM iron (from an economic standpoint).
  18. I meant to ask the last time I quoted your post, but what have you found the durability on the Jumbomax to be like? Someone made a comparison of them to Winn Dri-tac's which brought back memories of having to throw on a new Winn every 5 rounds because it had the durability of a cattail.
  19. I'm trying out JumboMax Md right now? How are you liking them so far? I wear a Med. glove and started with Midsize CP2 Pro's and have thrown the JM on 9-50* and D so far to try them out. I love the ones on my three irons, but still need more work to be comfortable with the driver. That said, all of my Midsize's now feel like undersize. When I first got into playing a few years ago, I think I had a Cleveland CG4 PW, CG11 52*, an older Vokey 58* and a CG11 60*. I didn't know much about wedge gapping at the time haha
  20. The top of my bag has always been a cluster****. I can't even look at a hybrid to save my life, but do well with iron designs...but also need something high launching...but also need a little more forgiveness than a 15* 3W.... but also want a dedicated tee club. This conundrum led me to my current set-up, which I'm hoping will last me for sometime. I play mostly parkland courses, with some short par4's and occasionally gusty conditions. After several rounds of trial and error, the top of my bag now goes: D, 16.5 3HL, 18* 2u, 21* 5HL (cut 1"), 5i. I haven't (with my own eyes) see another bag with a DI between fairway woods. What about your bag makes it quirky?
  21. Step 1: Grab a 7 wood Step 2: If step 1 is not applicable use a low iron/wedge to take your medicine
  22. Not today, but this is my first time on the forum since playing on Monday. Shot a PR 85! Driver struggled early on, but my irons were about as crisp as I have ever struck them! Had some interesting plays as well. On the Par 5 6th, I blocked my drive right, tried to hoist my 2nd over trees back into the fairway (no good window below), got hung up, punched my 5 through the fairway to about 105 but on a terrible slope with trees preventing a wedge shot, punch and run draw with my 8i to about 10 feet on the back fringe, a chip and a putt for a bogey that felt like birdie. On the par 3 8th, I thinned a five iron right into a goose's behind and two putted for par On the par 4 9th, I attempted a hero shot (terrible idea)and made a lucky triple bogey. On the par 4 10th, I duffed my tee shot into a hazard, dropped and left my 6i short right of the green from about 185, left a short sided pitch short of the green with my 60, then chipped in with my 9i to save bogey. On the par 4 13th hole, I stuck a knockdown PW from about 125 to 3 feet for a birdie...followed by to PBFU doubles on 14 and 15 On the par 3 17th, I left my tee shot short left and chipped in from about 10 yards for birdie with my 9i. Overall, my absolute best round. Granted, the green complexes weren't terribly sophisticated, but the course was very wet and the back 9 plays fairly tight. Tee to green I felt in control.
  23. Newly updated and hoping to be my longest lasting WITB! Since my last update I have: Tested a GAPR MID, SIM Hybrid, and G Crossover, before ultimately finding a top of the bag I thoroughly enjoy. Driver is now a 10.5* 2017 M2 turned one notch lower, followed by a M3 3HL and a new Sub70 699U Pro with HZRDUS Smoke Black 80 (my new favorite alternative tee club!). The 4i has been replaced by an M4 5HL with a UST Proforce HL. 5-PW remained the same: P790 with UST Recoil ES790 w/ SW. Wedges are now 50/09, 54/11 MG with a 60 MG Hi-Toe. My putter is also a VERY welcome addition: a bargain barrel find Nike Method Converge B1-01! I've been looking to move towards a wide blade design and this checks every box. Does anyone else play a DI between two fairway woods? My 7W is cut an 1" short and gaps comfortably where my 4i used to fit.
  24. macedan

    Sub 70 Clubs

    My 699U Pro arrived! Only 1 round and range session in the books, but wow! This is my first true custom ordered club. 3/4" short, 2* flat, and weakened from 17* to 18* with the HZRDUS Smoke Black 80. I bought it with the intention of using it as an alternate tee club (not much confidence in FW at the moment) and enjoyed it much more than my previous experiments with a GAPR MID and G Crossover. Off the tee it flat performed. I was so pleased with the flight and roll which I couldn't seem to find with the TM or Ping and the sound/feel at impact, just so fantastic. I can't allude to much off the deck as I only took one thin shot on the final hole, but it still ended up in better position than my layup. The guys at Sub70 were a pleasure to deal with and now I'm just contemplating my next purchase.
  25. macedan

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Does anyone have any information on how the stock PX Hybrid graphite shafts play/kick? Struggling to find info on them. Also, if anyone plays one of their utilities and had their lofts altered, which route did you take and why? I'm in between weakening a 2 to play at 18.5* or strengthening a 3 to play at 18.5* (weakening 1.5* vs strengthening 1*) but am unsure as to how it may affect the playing condition.
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