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  1. I’m with JDL on Newport National. Overpriced and there’s much better deals in New England and RI. Red tail is in rough shape, so would take that off the list. Agree with the others mentioned and would add George Wright because of the history. Cape Arundel is awesome and well worth the drive. Def look into getting out at Taconic
  2. Lochmere is a solid choice. Good conditions and decently priced
  3. The drawings were made in 2019. Don’t hold your breath that another 9 or clubhouse is coming any time soon.
  4. Back 9 at Worcester CC also has a links style to it.
  5. They’re asking for big commitment from new members with initiation and dues. Coore crenshaw doing pines reno and tripp davis doing oaks. Hope they’re successful.
  6. Honestly, I’d do cabot if you move move outside NE. If not, Mount Washington hotel. Should be a lot more affordable in the summer. Pinehills in Plymouth, Ma may be another option. I would love to see the international open back up as a semiprivate. Hope those rumors are true. Drove by a few weeks back and it was an eerie sight.
  7. I don’t think they’re doing it this year because of Covid, but doesn’t hurt to call and ask.
  8. great course. You will find the owner and his son out there daily busting their asses off to keep the course in great shape. I agree it’s pricey, but there it’s right up there with Red Tail as one of the better courses in that area. Two completely different 9s.
  9. Hi All, Heading down to Jamestown, RI July 2nd-July 5th and was hoping to get on somewhere private. RICC, Misquamet, Shelter Harbor, PJ, Wanu, Sakonnett or Newport CC. I wanted to see if there were any members on here, or anyone had an in. Pretty flexible on timing and day. The 3rd is the only day I can’t do. Happy to host at my private Ross course in Massachusetts at a later date. feel free to respond here of PM if you can help. Thanks
  10. Heading down to the Newport area this weekend and hoping to get out somewhere. Anyone willing to host at their club and I host in Massachusetts at a later date?
  11. All Products | Precision Pro Golf looks like it’s out of stock
  12. Probably a wait at worcester? Also likely a decent initiation fee
  13. Haven, charter oaks? Where do you live?
  14. They’ve probably lost a ton of revenue from being closed and I would assume outings and leagues have been postponed or canceled. I’ve never played the course and know nothing about their previous year rates, but I doubt they’re raising them to rip people off
  15. So far so good with the V4. I purchased through dicks sporting good and hopeful they’ll handle any issues that may come up
  16. Great place. I assume golf and ski will be staying open...at least I hope. Played in a spaghetti and meatball tournament there a few years ago and it was one the simplest, yet one of the most fun tournament I’ve played in. Freezing end of the season weather and a Italian buffet after. Loved it.
  17. This is rough. I keep seeing 5/8, but I’m not optimistic. It kills me to drive by my club and see it closed. The weather this weekend made it even worse
  18. Thanks for the info. I ended up ordering the B4 because I live in Massachusetts and have to deal with a lot of trees and often play early in the morning with fog. The fog was biggest worry I had.
  19. Need some range finder advice. Trying to decide between the Bushnell V4 with slope or the precision pro nx9. Any advice or input would be great, thanks!
  20. What the hell did they do with all the yearly membership dues? That’s so messed up. If the members were required to pay their dues at the start of 2020 then they should have had the funds to pay staff. I understand business would end in the restaurant and hotel portion, but the course probably wouldn’t have opened until the earliest of this week.
  21. MassGolf just announced courses are required to close. FML
  22. I read earlier that MassGolf was still waiting to hear back from the governor on if courses can stay open, but honestly who knows anymore??
  23. anyone know what were the yearly dues and original initiation? How did they not even have a waitlist with only 230 members? Did they allow public events/tournaments on Monday’s that could have been revenue generators? What about renting out the club house? So may questions I’d love to know the answer to.
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