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  1. I have a mint set of Miura forged TaylorMade X300 FCI's from 2000 that are waiting patiently and longingly for these
  2. [quote name='Sean2' timestamp='1360098270' post='6368589'] Say "Hi" to Steve and Jocko's. :-) [/quote] Sean, its not that far, you can do this!
  3. Q school maybe 8-10 years ago. Veteran pro Joe Daley hits a perfect putt dead in the heart of the hole at perfect pace on 18 the last day that bounces out of the hole due to a poorly inserted cup.. He missed getting his card by 1 stroke. He never got his card.
  4. [quote name='TheDarkOne' timestamp='1332826093' post='4589804'] [quote name='supergolfdude' timestamp='1332819740' post='4589320'] [quote name='scratchswinger' timestamp='1332799944' post='4586844'] Your opinion above about suspension is completely irrational and full of holes. Why would they suspend someone for having an injury, how do they prove he was not hurt, the game's biggest draw??? Come one just admit that you hate TW and you wish he was seriously injured. You know that's how you feel- have the stones to come out and say it. [/quote] What's "irrational" is that the Woods' worshippers are holding prayer vigils and the golf media are diagnosing serious achilles injuries as he pulls the old "limp and wince" routine. ONE DAY, get this, ONE DAY later, he comes out with, "I'm fine. Playing Tavistock, then Arnie's tournament. IT'S A MIRACLE!!! I'M HEALED!!!" Come on, have the brains to figure it out for yourself! Just admit he QUIT. [/quote] It's interesting that no one brings up how he was doing in his round when this happened. The fact that he was on his way to an 80 always gets forgotten. The smoking gun is that as pointed out above, one day later he was fine. Kind of reminds me of the phantom neck injury he got that no one likes to talk about now, and has never re occurred. Right now, you have most people divided 50/50 on if he quit or not. As time goes on, if he keeps pulling this people will wake up. [/quote] Hey Einstein, did it occur to you that maybe he was playing poorly due to the injury?
  5. Word has it he is playing the new "Great White" shaft from House of Forged as well as the TourSpec. Congrats to Owen and Robert at HOF.
  6. Ajax or Comet cleanser, they both contain bleach. Bleach softens rubber. Just like when drag cars do burn outs in bleach to soften the rubber.
  7. [quote name='RentDeezy12' timestamp='1330045577' post='4362917'] Well judging by your pictures, the sweet spot of the club has never seen a golf ball, so i was just wondering if tour heads with $300 shafts help promote a more penetrating flight when you sky it, that's all. [/quote] Wow. Live alone do ya?
  8. Last year we had some complaints about the drive to Rancho San Marcos so I thought we would keep it closer this year. Thommy is working on a venue for saturday, my vote is either Cypress ridge again or Dairy Creek. Neither are world beaters but they are close and fun. I would love to go to Hunter Ranch again if we dont have too many objections due to the driive. It was 45 minutes from the Sea Crest in Pismo and I felt it was worth it. We may have some openings at the house, let me know if you are interested. go to [url="http://www.rainbowventures.info"]http://www.rainbowventures.info[/url] click on thumbnails, look at 320 juanita, our home from Mar. thursday 29 - 31st leaving sunday morning the 1st. Sleeps 12 (or more if needed) Dibs on the master.
  9. See you next yearMarch 30th, 31st and April 1st. Friday the 30th will be at Monarch Dunes Challenge course, the #3 in rated par 3 course in the world with dinner at Guiseppes in Pismo. Saturday will be at Morro Bay with dinner at the world famous JOCKO"S steakhouse in beautiful downtown Nipomo. Sunday we will finish up at Monarch Dunes championship course with Pismo's world famous cinnamon rolss for breakfast. A few of us will be arriving thursday and catching a round at Avila Beach. Let me know if you are in. It is truly a superb golf outing. http://www.golfhttp:...eachresort.com/ http://www.golf.com/...-3-golf-courses http://www.giuseppesrestaurant.com/ http://www.slocounty...es/morrobay.htm http://www.monarchdu...1129&page=67557 http://oldwestcinnam...om/Welcome.html
  10. [quote name='slickpitt' timestamp='1311000837' post='3400973'] Driver - What's the wind doing? 3 Wood - What's the wind doing? 2 iron - What's the wind doing? 3 iron - What's the wind doing? 4 iron - What's the wind doing? 5 iron - What's the wind doing? 6 iron - What's the wind doing? 7 iron - What's the wind doing? 8 iron - What's the wind doing? 9 iron - What's the wind doing? P wedge - What's the wind doing? 54 deg - What's the wind doing? 60 deg - What's the wind doing? Sorry, I live in Oklahoma lol [/quote] No no, were sorry.
  11. I would guess that to be a version of the Speeder 553 which is a low spin, mid launch profile and one of my all time favorite fuji's.
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