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  1. I was lucky to purchase the MP-32's brand new on run out in 2008 for ~$700AUD. I just picked up a matching MP-32 2 iron from a local classified for $60, with a matching shaft, so i'm pretty stoked about that, i have been hunting for years for one! The putter i only just picked up recently as well, i have been looking for one for a long time that is as good condition as this one. So i'm pretty happy with my bag now and the way i'm hitting them...
  2. Cheers fellas! Much appreciated! I was given the opportunity to purchase said headcover, and wanted to know if it was real! He was trying to palm it off as real and it didnt seem right...
  3. Hi all, I'm wondering if this headcover is legit? received_673151066727751.webp received_899531817120861.webp received_2689632311249886.webp received_4132102610139646.webp
  4. It all depends on on the course but the two i frequently drop are my lob wedge or the 3 iron....
  5. I just purchased it from a guy who bought it from pebble beach back in ~2001. He swears that it has never been refinished, and I believe him as those beautiful milling marks would not be there if it had been. I'm also located in Australia and refinishing is not as easy and cheap as it is stateside.
  6. Hi All, I just wanted to put up some photos of my clubs. I am currently running with; Driver: Titleist 913 D2 9.5 degree with the C2 setting with the Aldila Green Tour stiff shaft. 3 Wood: Callaway Steelhead III with MSI 70 X-Flex shaft 2 Iron: Mizuno MP18 MMC Fli-Hi with a KBS C-Taper Lite Stiff shaft. 3 Iron to PW: Mizuno MP32 with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 shafts. GW to LW: Cleveland RTX-3 52/10, 56/11, 60/9. Putter: Scotty Cameron Pro-Platinum Mil-Spec 34" 340g with original Titleist cord grip. Grips: Midsize Lamkin UTX
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone. Here are a couple more pics since I have cleaned up the grip and the rust spots. I'm pretty chuffed that I picked this up for $195. That milling is out of this world!
  8. Sorry to ask so many questions, but what is the difference between a gen 1 and gen 2 mil-spec?
  9. Just picked this up off a local classifieds and at a pretty good price All original and in excellent condition for a 20 year old putter... Can anyone shed some light on the serial number etched on the hosel? The previous owner is the original owner and he purchased it from pebble beach ~20 years ago and claims it has never been refinished.
  10. I have seen the same, the guy i purchased it off claims that his father bought it from Pebble Beach ~20 years ago. I'm not sure if that's explains it, but he is adamant that it has never been refinished...
  11. Hi all, I just picked up this excellent condition Mil-Spec 340g for a great price... I had a query for the experts out there on what the etched serial number on the hosel means. I know the serial number under the hosel cup means it has been refinished by titleist, but wasn't sure what this positioned serial number meant. I have heard it's a special order serial number but was not sure if that was correct...
  12. The scripting on head are too thick and the headcover are screaming fake to me...
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