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  1. 1. City, State? Brisbane, Queensland, Australia2. Handicap? 133. Current Iron set? Mizuno MP32's 3-PW & Mizuno MP60's 3-PW4. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right handed5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? To see how they compare to the all time classic Mizuno's that I currently use of MP32's and MP60's and if they have the same buttery feel when hit flush. Also, potentially get some more distance, control and see how they compare in workability from my current irons.6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? 100% Yes, totally agree
  2. 1. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia2. 133. No rangefinder used4. $200-300 AUD5. Yes, no dramas at all!
  3. Does anyone know what will the price of this model be?
  4. Here is my Pat Pend BeCu Anser 2 and BeNi Scottsdale Anser. I only recently picked up the BeCu off a local classifieds in the last few weeks, but ended up paying ~$135USD for it and the BeNi I picked up off ebay for ~$60USD about 2 years ago. I remember when Ping released the BeNi Anser, I was so obsessed with this model as a teenager playing golf in late 90's and early 2000's, but could never afford it. I loved the gold PING writing in the back and the shape of them, when I found this one I jumped on it! Such a great putter with great memories!
  5. BeNi Anser 2 is the best and rarest to find - i really want one of these! BeCu Anser 2 is the next best - I have a Pat Pend model of the BeCu Anser 2 I currently have a BeNi Scottsdale Anser, and this putter is amazing! The feel is great and the weight is a little light compared to today's standards, but still a very playable putter!
  6. Head weight without any weights installed is 330g. With 10g weights in place (35") it is 350g. With 15g weights in place (34") it is 360g. With 20g weights in place (33") it is 370g.
  7. I have had mine on order since the start of July and the dates keep getting pushed out by Titleist Australia. It was supposed to be end-July, then mid-August, then got pushed out to mid-September and now its is out till mid-October. I didn't order anything special, I only ordered a 33" model. It might have something to do with me being in Australia, and the whole COVID dramas but its starting to get a bit annoying now...
  8. That's great, thanks for the info! So when did they go from pat pend to patented? What sort of age window am I looking at? I'm amazed at the condition and i knew i scored well when I picked it up, the first thing I noticed was the condition and then the pat pend... The weight definately feels heavier than the stainless version. What was the grip that it came with? The standard ping man smooth grip?
  9. Hi All, I just picked up this Ping Anser 2 BeCu and wanted to show it off. I'm not sold on the grip and its a little too long for my liking, but everything else is in amazing condition. Can anyone tell me more about it, specifically the rough age it is and what is the headweight?
  10. Im pretty sure its 330g...
  11. I am currently waiting on a 33" phantom x 5.5 to be delivered to my local store in Brisbane, Australia. I am really excited by this JT model and when i rolled one that was a 34" in store it felt amazing and couldn't help but put a deposit down on a 33" version. I put my order in at the start of July and was initially told the end of July for delivery. Then when I queried at the start of August they informed me on the portal the supplier sends them that it is due for arrival around the 14th September. How is everyone finding this model so far?
  12. A Newport 2 that I sold recently weighed in at 333g.
  13. Hi All, I just picked up this BB1 off a local classifieds for a really good price. I know Bettinardi make amazing putters, but as this is my first Bettinardi, can anyone tell me a little more about it? Why does he do the honeycomb milling on the face? What are your experiences with the different versions of the BB1? Which BB1 model is better than others? Which BB1 is more desirable than others? Cheers, Jon
  14. I just picked up a set of near mint MP60's and i also have a set of MP32's I bought brand new in 2007 that have only played less than 40 rounds. I will never let these 2 sets go, they are amazing irons! I am definately keen to see what the new MP22's look like...
  15. I actually like the colour, it gives them a bit of a pop and sets them apart. I have still yet to hit them, I'm hoping that Wednesday I can get out for a little bit. I will keep you all in the loop on how they perform and how they compare to my MP32's... Here are some photos of my MP32's for anyone that is interested...
  16. If what everyone says is true about the MP5's, I'm sure you won't have an issue selling them!
  17. Pesquado

    Mizuno MP60

    Hi All, I just picked up these absolutely mint MP60's 3-PW with DG S300 shafts with STD L/L/L and original grips for about USD $300. I live in Australia and am looking to re-start playing golf again and joining a club in the next month or so. I used to play and got down to about 7 HC when I gave up about 15 years ago. I still have an original set of MP32's in near mint condition that I bought new in 2007, that I have put in the cupboard until I get my swing back. I needed a bit more forgiving iron as I have been struggling to hit my MP32's consistently and thought that these irons should suit what I am after. I recognise that these irons are for a better handicap and player, but I also recognise that these are also more forgiving than my MP32's. Plus both of these sets have the exact same shafts DG S300's and I can potentially mix and match the sets depending on how I hit them. There is definately more offset in the 60's compared to my 32's. So here is hoping it all pays off... The person I purchased them off said he had swapped out the shafts but never really used them as he ended up using another set instead. He saved the original shafts and put the original shafts back in for this sale, but apparently put new ferrules in at the same time to give them a little bit of colour... Cheers! Pesquado
  18. Hey mate, I was very fortunate in that the only spot that had tiny bits of spotting rust was on the hosel cup, so i used a bit of coke to clean up the rust spots and then applied a bit of silicone spray to the head to prevent any further rust from appearing. The grip was in good condition, but very dirty so I used just a soft plastic bristled brush, like you clean your dishes with and some dish soap to scrub the grime off it. Then to bring a little bit of white back to the cord i used a small bit of bleach and scrubbed it with the same soft bristled brush followed by a bit more soap to remove the bleach, dried with a towel and she is clean and looking like new again... Enjoy your new short stick! I would love to see some pics!
  19. which 5.5 model are you after?
  20. Someone has removed the grey sides off it, you can see from the screws in the bottom being worn out. Plus the metal clip that holds the grey plastic sides being broken off, which can be seen by the rust on the exposed metal edge that has had the the top part snapped off somehow.
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