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  1. On another note, I have my 50 a 1/4" shorter than my PW, my 54 a 1/4" shorter than my 50...and my 58 is 1/2 shorter than my 54. Now...my irons are 1/2" long, 58 is 1/2" over starndard from wedgeworks. Are your 50 and 54 degree wedges the same length as your PW? I would like to add 5-8 yards to my 50 and 54...or would a softer/lighter shaft give me that little extra distance to fill that gap between my 58 and PW.
  2. Great insight! I'm gonna go to a fitting and look at a launch monitor on my PW, vs my wedges and find something that feels right and dial in my distances and trajectory. I'll keep everyone up to date. Thanks again!
  3. I was fitted for KBS C-Taper lite Regular's in my irons. I like them but am hesitate to put them in my 50 and 54 degree wedges as I don't want the ball flying high and ballooning. FWIW, both are T20. I will swing 80-90 percent with those two wedges and they both have KBS Tour stiff shafts. I like the flight, but I feel they are too heavy. I would rather they feel like my PW, but have a controlled flight. I carry a SM7 58 degree with KBS Tour Stiff. I like the way I can control and flight with even less than full shots. Is there a 105G regular or stiff KBS shaft t
  4. Im glad im not the only one. I’ve been a Mizuno fan since my MP-33’s back in the day. Before my 18’s, I had 64’s. 64’s were nice. The 18’s are smooth. I haven’t hit the MB blades, but I feel the SC gives a but more forgiveness. I love the HiFli and think my combo is perfect for me. im gonna give the T20 wedges a try. Im just impressed with the SM7’s...
  5. That's exactly what I want. Good to hear and I appreciate the feedback!
  6. Gonna stay with KBS Tour stiff in my wedges. I had always play stiff in my irons till I got fitted for KBS C-Taper Lite in my irons. I love the iron feel and I like the KBS Tour feel in my SM7's. Most say go "softer" in your wedges, but I like the weight and the feel of the stiff. I don't want to over think things... Thanks for the feedback.
  7. I see in your sig you have T20 wedges. I just got my wedge gaps checked at a fitting (had never done) and they told me 50-54-58 is right. I'm going to take the opportunity to dump my SM7 (nice wedges, never really WOWED me) and get T20 wedges. Do you have chrome or raw? My SM7's are raw and I'm leaning towards satin chrome in my T20's. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that with the 921's
  8. I pictures of the new 921 Forged, or what seem to be the replacements for the 919 Tours, which replaced the 910T. The new 921's look like they will be awesome!!!! Bbbbuuuuutttt...they look a lot like my MP-18 SC irons?!?! When I got the 18's, I chose them over the 919's because I like the forged feel and I wanted a little more forgiveness. I have never regretted it. I have not tried the MP-20's so I don't know if they are that much better. Does anyone else think the new 921's are a combination of the 919's and the SC's? Anyone else love the look and feel of their MP-18's, particularly the
  9. I'm going to replace my SM7 wedges with T20's. I was fitted and play KBS C-Taper lite regulars in my MP-18 SC/HiFli's. I play KBS Tour stiff in my wedges. I have always liked KBS much better in my wedges than any DG or other mfg. Question. Should I soft step the KBS Tour S shafts? I like the weight of the stiff and don't want the wedges to get a "light" feel. Should I consider the same and maybe KBS C-Taper stiff shafts? Fitter who fit me for my wedge gaps told me the shafts on wedges aren't that big of a deal. It's more about what feels comfortable. For what its worth, I have very lit
  10. 4 Brands in my clubs. Driver, irons- Mizuno 3 Wood- TEE Hybrid, wedges- Titleist Putter- Rife
  11. "It's not the quality of your good shots (we all hit them), it's the quality of your good shots." "They don't has how, they ask how many. keep swing thoughts to 1 throughout the round."Avoid 3 putts. While warming up before the round, focus on speed (lag 40 foot putts), practice 3 footers (confidence watching the ball go in the hole)Avoid double bogeys. If you hit a bad shot, make sure its only 1 shot and get back into play. Don't try and be a hero, take your bogey and go on to the next hole.If your gonna play safe, play WAAAY safe on layups, over water, etc. avoid those big numbersDon't w
  12. Anyone? Maybe its in the wrong forum.
  13. I got fitted for C-Taper Lite R in my irons. I currently have KBS Tour S shafts in my wedges. My irons are D2 swingweight, wedges are D4-5. After getting fit for wedge gaps, I'm considering getting 3 wedges instead of trying to find an SM7 54-08 and then pay to have it reshafted. I had DG wedge shafts in prevous wedges and there was nothing like the control and flighting of my KBS stiff. Having said that, after getting fitted for C-Taper light, should I consider C-Taper (not Lite) for my wedges? I like a heavier wedge, but after getting fitted for Regular in my irons, maybe a reg. in my
  14. So with SM7’s 1/4” longer than stock...what does that make the SW?
  15. Great info. Can a PGA SS help get me the right shaft and swingweight? I got fitted for my 18’s through their tour van experience. Im trying to avoid paying for another Tour Van experience to get fitted for the right shaft. I swing about 80% on my wedges. My tempo is similar to DLIII.
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