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  1. Hi mate I was just lucky a guy had them on Facebook. The guy used to be a pga pro.
  2. For sale a brand new set of Taylormade P7TW limited Edition irons they are 3-pw with dynamic gold S400 shaft’s and golf pride BCT full cord grips, they are still in the box with the letter. price $2150 plus shipping. PayPal G/S only
  3. Hi Guys I just brought this mizuno scotty the reason m-100 I just want to know if anyone has any information regarding the finish, ie was this model ever finished in the copper, or if it’s just a aftermarket, and any idea of value Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys, love the pictures, they look real nice.
  5. Hi guys can anyone help, a guy I know has a scotty circa 62 #3 sales sample putter for sale, are they very rare and what sort of money should I be paying for it, if anyone can help thanks.
  6. Hi guys can anyone help with any information on these Wilson Staff FG43 I can’t find anything about them anywhere. Is it possible they were made for tour players only ?.
  7. Hi guys can you help I have a chance of buying a scotty Cameron studio stainless mid sur it’s been cut to 35” inches, it’s I’m mint condition, just wondering how rare the mid sur is, and what’s the most I should pay for one, if anyone can help thanks.
  8. Hi guys, I’m from the U.K. I need some help I have brought a scotty circa 62, I know it’s genuine but I need a new band label anyone know where I can get one without sending the putter all the way to Scotty custom in the USA thanks.
  9. Thanks for your help everyone, much appreciated.
  10. Hi guys need some help, a guy I know has a scotty Cameron napa putter he is selling, but it does need to be restored, I would like to send it to Cameron customs, so with that in mind what do you guys think I should pay for it. Here are a few pictures, would appreciate anyone’s thoughts thanks.
  11. Yes sorry about the Title I meant to put mp-32 and not mp33.
  12. Hi guys just thought I would share a few pictures of a brand new set of mizuno mp32 my misses got me for Christmas, they have just arrived they are new and still in their wrappers. What do you guys think.
  13. Thanks everyone, I’ll let my mate know.
  14. Thanks for that mate, much appreciated.
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