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  1. What are price points looking like for these? Hoping not i59 prices?
  2. Bought a set of these about 2 months ago on the classifieds section for a backup set. Haven’t tried them out but I’m excited for my first set of Mizunos.
  3. Any idea on a release date on these? I need them
  4. What's up everybody? Happy Masters Sunday. One set of irons for sale today. I got these in February and I have probably 7 total rounds in them. These have bag chatter but they are clean. I will let the pictures tell the story. I had dreams of being good enough to play these and those dreams were shattered. Looking to get $SOLD SRIXON ZX7 5-PW, RIGHT HAND, MODUS TOUR 105 R FLEX, STANDARD LENGTH, GOLF PRIDE TOUR VELVET GRIPS, *I GOT THESE 2 DEGREES UPRIGHT AT CARLS GOLFLAND AFTER RECEIVING THEM* Let me know if you guys need anything else. First to paypal the $ gets them. I will answer messages fast. Will ship tommorow:)
  5. I guess I am not worried about a wear spot from the ball. Just when i clean the face before a round or a situation like that. Don’t want to rub the faces clean. I definitely won’t use a brush.
  6. What’s up guys? I just bought these beautiful Cobra Forged CB/MB combo set. I am super excited. I have never owned a set of blacked out irons. How do I clean the faces without completely ruining the black club faces? Can I get these irons wet or will that ruin the black? My old clubs I always cleaned the face after a round or two. Now I am questioning how to do that without ruining the black finish? Anybody own these or got any tips? I heard Cobra did a great job with the DBM black finish. How well will these hold up over time. I’m surprised there’s so little posts on these irons on this board. Thanks boys
  7. The i210s are just way too hard to track down now. I’m not waiting 3 months from ping. I feel like i took 3 steps back this year for my game when i got these new irons
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