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  1. @6thFairway Would you say that the course isn't walkable? You mentioned not wanting to carry about what about a push-cart? Lots of ups and downs?
  2. Glad you had a great time @burge. Now don't go telling too many people about Windswept so that we can continue to "not see anyone else" while playing! ;)
  3. For what it's worth the Disney courses are actually pretty good tracks and a lot of fun to play. They have a great deal that I always take advantage of in the mornings called the "Sunrise 9", which I've linked below: https://www.golfwdw.com/specials/sunrise-9 I've played on several occasions using this deal and never seen another person on the whole course (they start you out on the 9 opposite public play). Also, consider playing Winter Park GC - awesome track, awesome people.
  4. Definitely meant Blackstone - not sure how Blackrock even happened unless it was autocorrect. Blackstone is my favorite course down in the panhandle that way - I think it’s well worth the drive from Destin/30-A.
  5. While I had read a lot of press heading into Bobby Jones grand reopening, I have heard little to nothing about the course since. For those of you who have played, what are your overall thoughts? Was thinking about heading there next Tuesday but wanted some prospective first.
  6. Windswept Dunes, Origins Golf Club, and Blackrock Golf Course are great options in the area if you like strategic golf courses without typical Florida water buffering each hole. Blackrock, especially, is a blast!
  7. Is Milham park (Kalamazoo) still in good shape? Haven’t played there in years but loved spending summer afternoons on that peoperty. RIP Yarrow Golf Club.
  8. Just checking in to see if anyone had played this course since it opened. The photographs on their website make it look like a real stunner but I know it's only 9 holes as of today and a bit of a drive from Atlanta. Thoughts? 1
  9. Could anyone provide an approximate value for this putter? I am interested in selling it and was given a value by Chip over at Black Lab Golf but want to make sure it aligns with expectations. More pictures attached.
  10. I will be in southwest Florida later this week and have a free morning on Friday. Under normal circumstances I would just call up a course and ask if I could show up early as a single and either play with a group or fill an empty tee time. Any idea how this might work at Streamsong? I'll be a single walking and would prefer to not have a caddy. Any help or guidance appreciated!
  11. The grip is a black IOMIC and I have looked through several postings about C&L. Any idea what the value (resale) for this club might be?
  12. I found this putter at a yard sale and was immediately drawn to the weight of the club and its "feel". It cost be $15 so I figured "what the heck" and bought it. What can you tell me about this club? It's manufacturer? It's value? It's type? Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated!
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