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  1. I went to the pga superstore 3 separate times and then did a taylormade fitting. For some context, on solid strikes: my ball speed was 120-125. I carry my 7 around 175 yards. I have a smooth tempo but the TM guy commented that I loaded the shaft in a unique way but that I had “effortless power”. I know I shouldn’t be questioning the fitters over my friend (who is a very well versed golfer in equipment) but hard to plunk down $1400 on something you doubt before pulling it out of the bag.
  2. am freaking out a little. Help me out here I am about an 11 handicap. I have played some Ping e1 irons for the past 5 years. I got fit for these irons as I was getting more serious about golf and my swing has changed a lot since. I decided to go hit some new irons (partly because I want to get irons to support getting better and partly to get new shiny things) I zeroed in on a combo set of taylormade 790-770s. The PGA superstore suggested (in a round about way) that I get an extra stiff shaft in the set and recommended the Nippon Pro Modus 130t x. I had a Taylormade fit
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