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  1. PING is super vigilant about preventing any retail sales below MRSP. They bring the hammer down on any seller who is caught violating this, whether it’s a big box or a small pro shop. Look at any website- all sales/coupons will exclude PING clubs. I think this helps boost resale values a bit since there is little/no discounted new product to compete with.
  2. Tryouts at the top and bottom of the bag are over (for now). Prices include FedEx shipping within CONUS. Tried to make prices reasonable, but everything is OBO - eager to clear out the closet! PM for PayPal info! 1) PING i500 4i - Graphite Design Tour AD-95x - 39.25" Blue Dot - $125 OBO PENDING I never get along with Graphite Design shafts, but I keep trying.... Midsize Lamkin Crossline. 2) TaylorMade P790 UDI - Project X 6.5 steel - 39.25" 1* Flat 1* Strong - $100 OBO SOLD! Fairway finder! Solid condition. Midsize Lamkin UTx. 3) TaylorMade MyS
  3. How long have you been developing this line that incorporates the 3D printing tech? Any unexpected impacts on the sound/feel that needed to be worked through during the prototyping process?
  4. Rogue White TX is the best I’ve ever hit!
  5. Washington, DC 10.7 Supernova PXG One & Done Ease of alignment and stability Yes, happily!
  6. Make an offer - eager to get these final items out!! Prices include FedEx shipping within CONUS only! Only trade interest is a TM Original One 13.5 - ideally head only or with an X shaft. Bettinardi Tour Minovai - $700 33.5" long. Gamed intermittently, in pretty good condition. Lamkin Bettinardi Sink Fit Straight grip has some wear on it, particularly at the lower right hand side of the grip - see pictures. Comes with original Minovai Tour headcover. Bettinardi QB6 w/ custom long neck & Stability Tour shaft - $500 SOLD! 34" long. 1 of 1 custom pu
  7. I would question if you need a club between the 5i and hybrid for gapping purposes. From 200+ yards I feel like 20ish yard gaps are fine- you’re better off choking down on the hybrid, or pulling the 5 if short is a better miss than long. Rather than trying to find a perfect 4i or replacement that goes 215 yards, think about what shot (trajectory/shape particularly) would be a useful addition at the top of the bag for the courses you play often. Maybe it’s a 7w, maybe it’s a 2i, maybe a mini driver... but I’d bet there’s more added value there than than just finding a 210-215 club
  8. 1. City, State? Washington, DC 2. Handicap? 9.0 3. Current putter? TaylorMade Spider X 4. What Bettinardi Studio Stock putter do you want to test? SS28 5. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? Without a doubt! 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? Gladly!
  9. In my experience it’s much easier to add toe hang (lead tape) than remove it. Source: failed experiment trying to port out weight from the toe of a Betti.... in either case I’ve found you need a decent amount of weight change to meaningfully move the CG. presumably easier on a putter with removable weights, but feel might get wonky. the real solution requires bending or custom work on the hosel.
  10. PING updates the G series on a consistent 2 year rotation. The players irons are on an 'as needed' cycle it seems. iBlade has been out even longer than i210! I think it is important to remember that PING's core competency is engineering, not marketing - so if there isn't a meaningful improvement ready, they don't force it. On top of that, they are still a closely-held family owned business; can't begrudge them for taking a long-term view and being concerned about doing things they right way (in their view at least), rather than appeasing short term demands of a PE group or publi
  11. G410 LST 9* (flat + setting) - Aldila Rogue White 70TX Not the absolute longest setup, but really nice balance of stability and spin mitigation Tour issue SIM Ti 5w 18* - Aldila Rogue White 80TX This is a unicorn FW
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