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  1. I was hoping for an ‘a ha’ moment for you, since you are quick to give advice and critique others it seemed like you would also be open to advice and critique, but obviously there is a wrong way to do things and “your way” Glad you have it all figured out.
  2. Said the guy with the TSI3 driver!
  3. The difference is in dealing with someone you can trust. If your cabinet guy would have told you he would deliver next week would you have ordered? If not why did you even get a quote??? The people I do business with do not have to hold my hand, but they do have to perform. If they don’t know when they can deliver they need to say that they do not know when they can deliver. It’s not that hard.
  4. The problem we have with a high percentage of the Golf OEM’s and Retailers is unlike your kitchen cabinet quote where they told you 15 weeks and you were then able to determine that would not work for you lots of guys are getting quoted 4-6 weeks for golf equipment (which would work for them) and not receiving their equipment or any updates after 8-12 weeks. If the OEM or Retailers have no control over their supply chain and do not know when they can deliver they should not provide a delivery estimate. Most of us just want to have good information so we can make an informed purchase decision
  5. At a recent fitting the Gen 2 could be set up to spin less and launch a bit lower than the 9* Proto but the ball speed was consistently 3-4 MPH slower with the Gen 2 than the Proto. The Proto spun a bit too much for my swing (105 MPH). The Proto was not able to beat out the G410 LST or Mavrik Sub Zero for me. I did like the feel and sound. Tired all the applicable shafts the fitter had. The fitter said he would not recommend either driver for me. I am a PXG fan, playing the Gen 2 hybrids and Gen 3 T irons. I was really keen to try the Proto, almost bought one before trying. Glad I wait
  6. My 4&5 iron Gen 3 T’s were ordered last week and delivered today.
  7. One week from order to shipment on my Gen 3 irons. Can’t ask for Faster service than that.
  8. My friend was fitted for a set of Gen 3 irons last Thursday and they are being delivered tomorrow. His were 1” over and 2 degree upright with Aerotech 95’s, so not an off the shelf item. I got a set about 5 weeks ago and it took a little over two weeks from fitting to delivery.
  9. What “value” set of irons do you play? Nickent or Northwestern?
  10. Can the same be said in your opinion for those who buy new Titleist, Callaway, Ping etc. equipment instead of used or off brand equipment?
  11. Mine took about 12 business days. Ordered in late March
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