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  1. L, M, T, Low K I would think. It’s definitely not a D, unless you want to belt it over the green, as I found out today.
  2. I agree with you about the D, but that’s far away from a low K. I play a D and I have an MD5 low W. They’re quite different. I also have an M which is in between, which again is much less forgiving than the D. Whilst a wide sole Undoubtably helps in soft conditions, my own experience suggests that it’s not enough, then again last winter in the UK was horribly soft to the point of quagmire.
  3. It looks like a copy of the MD5 Low W grind, which in my experience means it’ll be great in medium to hard conditions and not so great in soft conditions as it’ll dig.
  4. The 54 has to be the D grind, it excels on full shots, pitches and bunkers, everything you need for all-year-round golf in one club. I can’t imagine a better 54* wedge than this and I’ve had many over the last few years including MD3, MD4, RTX4, Glide 2.0, CBX and CBX2 as well as a G410 SW. The 58 I went with M, it’s not as consistent, wish I’d gone for another D. For winter I will need to get something with more bounce. I do carry a wedge or two above this so I don’t really need to open it up. Although I like it, I’m erring towards preferring the MD5 at the higher lofts. The 54*, however, i
  5. Joelsim

    Vokey SM8

    Oh, and get the 54 D. Stunning club.
  6. Joelsim

    Vokey SM8

    Not so far, but I’m only a handful of rounds in. I suspect they won’t last as well as the chrome, but they look nicer now.
  7. I typically score around 80 and love my G410 irons. Best part of my game, if I could play my driver anywhere near as well as my irons then I’d be a single figure handicapper easily. Some people say that distance dispersion isn’t good with cavity backs, I would disagree totally with that statement, mine go he distance I expect them to consistently and accurately, a really really poor shot may take 5% off the distance.
  8. Get a Fit39 glove. It’ll work due to the design, and is also washable. I’ve had a year out of one so far. Japanese brand.
  9. Agree with you on the D-grind. For full shots and pitches I’m not a digger but the D is the best wedge I’ve ever hit. I’ve never hit any wedge so consistently close to the pin from 45-90y as this one. It’s like a guided bomb device. I’ve got a different swing for shorter pitches which is a bit more diggery, so in the winter it can be a bit of a problem with my 60 MD5, so I’ll be looking to get something more bouncy around October time. I think the 54D will be fine all year. Not completely sold on the 58M just yet but we’ll see.
  10. Joelsim

    G410 hybrid

    I’ve got the Tensei Blue in my TS2, also had it in a couple of 818 h1 hybrids, seems to be a really nice shaft, hence why I got it when I updated. I’ve had nothing but success with these clubs and I think a fair part of that is the shaft. Good launch, good trajectory and enough spin to stop a ball when needed.
  11. I’ll start this by saying that I will use anything from 7I up, probably my most used is currently my PW, followed by my 8I for simpler shots around the fringe or apron. However, there’s plenty of scope for other clubs and I’m starting to practice a bit more with my 50* and 54* during games when there’s no one waiting behind on the hole behind us. What are your go-to wedge(s) for this type of shot. My 50 is a 12* bounce F-Grind and my 54* is a 12 bounce D-grind, both SM8. Summer obviously so the ground is pretty firm, I think the D-grind appears to be a winner for every type of shot from full
  12. Me too. I’ve gone for what I wanted as I play golf regularly even though I’m far from being wealthy. Tbh I may get a new driver at some point though as it’s my oldest club now.
  13. If I had to lose a wedge from my 44.5-50-54-58-64 set-up then it would almost certainly be the 50. It’s not too difficult to knock 15y off my 44.5 PW if necessary. It’s the most one-dimensional wedge in the set, used almost exclusively for full swings.
  14. The OP suggested that it was a bad impact that caused most of the problems he’s having. I’m not sure what other parts of the swing would need to be dampened. But yes, you could get heavier shafts in graphite too, just not necessarily any stock options.
  15. I’ve owned a few recent models as below. Ping G Crossover Ping G400 Crossover Cobra King Utility TM P790 UDI Wilson Staff Model Utility The hardest to hit was easily the P790 which was absolutely awful with a HZRDUS yellow shaft. I could throw the ball further. The others were all ok but I could hit my old Ping G400 4I at power-spec loft better than all of them consistently and just as far. I now have a G410 5I at power spec loft and I get the same length from that as I did from any of the #3 utilities on average. The utilities were perhaps 10y longer on a shot right out of the middle, but t
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