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  1. Every time I get fit for a putter by Sam putt lab or someone else, it comes up a face balanced mallet.... straight back, straight threw swing. But when I use them I dont feel i hit them well and miss to the left. Then I pick up an old heel shaft putter, with basically the most tow hang you could possibly get... and hit it well. So whats up with that? I think could be weight, since the ones I seem to like are older lighter heads, but every fitter says they are totally wrong for my swing.
  2. oh yea thats already on there. Looks great, I might actually use it, I used on of these like 25 years ago
  3. I went ahead and just left the shaft on and wet sanded it, polished it up and sand blasted it. It messed up a little bit of the chrome on the shaft but I’m fine with it that. I bought the putter yesterday for $5 anyways…. Here’s some before and after pics. Pretty happy the way it turned out.
  4. got it, thanks... I guess thats why I cant get it off. Maybe I can fit it in the sand blaster without taking the head off
  5. I am trying to get the head off an old school bronze ping cushin and for whatever reason I can not get the head off... am I missing something here? Ive removed a ton of heads with no problems with my heat gun or a torch, but this one just will not come off. Did they use a different super epoxy back then? Or am I just missing something on how to get this thing off? I want to take it in to work tomorrow to sand blast the head.
  6. Two putters for sale. Scotty Cameron Phantom 5. 34 inch. 2021 model. Super stroke pistol gt 1 grip. Great shape, except a small scratch on the bottom… see pic. Wrench slipped changing out the weights and dinged it, so it’s priced accordingly. I will also include a set of 10g weights. Includes headcover. $350 shipped. SOLD Taylormade Spider ex platinum. 2021 model. Winn pistol midsize grip. Excellent like new condition. Single bend shaft face balanced model. $285 shipped Trades possible. SOLD Looking for epic max LS head, Ventus 60 gram stiff shafts. Pm me o
  7. Excellent condition. 5 rounds in it. Epic Max 10.5 with ventus red 5s velocore shaft. Or stock smoke green im10 6s. Includes headcover. Standard length, specs etc. $630 with ventus red 5s - SOLD $400 with stock green Im10 - sold $250 - Ventus Only - Stock playing length 45.75 w callaway adapter, lamkin cord grip -SOLD includes shipping possible trades - 921 hot metal set, sim2 with comparable shaft.
  8. Uhhh, no its the exact opposite of this
  9. UPS was probably just so surprised someone actually bought something from Club Champion at their ridiculously stupid prices tht they wanted to look at it for a few days.
  10. i would agree with this, they are easy to bend. or get a zx4 5 iron with a graphite shaft and bend it 1 degree strong
  11. I fell for it once. I cut the grips all in half and shipped them back. I got my money back. Cut them in half, send the note from Golf pride in the box with them.
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