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  1. oh its definitely a piece....
  2. i dont know if you'll find something more forgiving than those, they are really forgiving
  3. anyone have pics of the long irons of the HMP at address? All ive been able to see if the fitting 7 iron and they looked good, but I dont like to se the back of the club in the long irons.
  4. yea thats the stuff, which I could buy it somewhere
  5. Seems like they really dropped the ball on these. Whats the point of having a release day when no one who ordered them months ago can even get them yet and no retailers seems to have them in stock.
  6. Its so easy to get off clean. I think ive seen it on taylormade and srixon clubs, but never could find what it is. I'm sure you guys know though.
  7. I bet it would sell for $20 million... but we'll never know
  8. ive yet to find a place that says they will actually have them in stock on release day.
  9. anyone talk to a store that actually has them or will be getting them by the release day? the ones ive talked to have no idea when they will getting them for stock.
  10. no one counterfeits lefties. That would be like counterfeiting a wilson cortex
  11. limited sales? LOL Golf equipment is up big time in every category for the year. Some as much as double the year before. The issue is they cant keep it in stock and make enough for the demand. Golf, Fishing camping, boats, RV's, anything outdoors and gun sales are through the roof this year.
  12. For those that have an Edel Torque Balanced putter. I got an E1, secondary market, it came today. Is there a weight in the shaft or something to help the torque balance? The one I got has what feels like a weight in the shaft, just below the grip, and you can hear it rattle and move up and down. Its pretty annoying and clicks. Is this normal? I hope its not.
  13. When they changed i immediately turned off the auto-renew. Not worth it anymore and it pissed me off.
  14. never seen one, they usually dont counterfeit things that dont even sell on their own
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