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  1. > @Kloppo said: > I just came back to the game, 46, clean striker of the ball. Recently started playing once a week and have insisted I wanted to keep my gear simple. I was using borrowed clubs, but bought a set of oversized KZG OC-X1 irons $50 without hitting them. Oh my, I know I've only played a handful of rounds since 2001, but it feels like I'm swinging a shovel. I can feel them lagging behind me (with regular shafts) and I'm hitting really fat. One thing I could not get over is how horrible it is to look down at them at address, they look and feel so clunky. > > I used to
  2. > @RodrigoNicely said: > So I need new irons after having just about everything under the sun to try. Question is should I buy existing model or wait. Doesn’t sound like anything too exciting iron wise in the pipe for next year What would Bernhard Langer do? B)
  3. Update: We're getting closer and this market is definitely changing!
  4. @Myherobobhope Sounds good! So short version might be that you're going to need at least 2 play clubs you love. Driver and mini driver. But to actually score the birdies you're also going to need to have much better misses with your wedges and putter. I don't know what your preference is for feel or forgiveness, I'd imagine you;re going to have to get measured for your most efficient driver and then dial the other club back from there and since your seeking such specific distances you may have a need for 2 stronger lofted 3woods. Maybe even adding length. Of course with the
  5. > @Rory4Pres said: > I'm pretty late to the party but I had a P2 grip on my tei3 long neck when I first got it. I used it for about a month. > pros: > Loved how it felt in my hands. was very easy to keep hands still during putt and get them in a comfortable position on the grip. well made, you can tell it'll last a long time. > cons: > Was too heavy, threw the swing weight off balance making it hard to feel the head of the putter. > Overall: > Great grip but would recommend for a putter with 360-400g head. FWIW that sounds like it might be similar to
  6. > @Mike_C said: > > @dcopp7 said: > > > @Mike_C said: > > > > > > > > I like to use Bluegolf for this sort of thing. Here is my home course. > > > > > > https://course.bluegolf.com/bluegolf/course/course/hollytreecctx/holemap.htm?next=overview.htm > > > > how do you get to the map view like this ^^^ on that site? My home course is Saginaw Valley Public in Bay City MI > > I think you can add it yourself. You have to create an account, but that is free. This page would show you how. > https://co
  7. > @"Greg B." said: > > @Bluefan75 said: > > So another thing I have noticed is that I had started to reply to a post in a thread, and then decided against it. So I deleted the text and moved on. But every time I read the thread, what I had typed is there. If I've deleted it, shouldn't it be gone? > > Yes, that is a "feature" of Vanilla Forums software. I don't know if it is configurable to be able to turn auto-save of drafts off, but it needs to be. Other Vanilla Forums I use do this as well and it seems to universally drive people nuts. Can you change the col
  8. > @"Adam C" said: > Anyone remember the irons from probably 25 years ago that were on set. The entire set had the face in front of the hosel. It was made by a major OEM but can't remember who, just that it was the weirdest club I'd ever seen. F2
  9. @Myherobobhope @dcopp7 @Mike_C @ian-500 @"Dan Drake" Aye fella's sort of took a bit of stay-cation and been away from Golfwrx for the last 2 weeks. I was hoping to hear back on this thread because I thought it was so interesting. It was kind of hard to picture how to play the first hole even with such a good map because it looks like the play really is away from the bunker esp with the tree guarding the green it seems to be pretty significant in some of the other pictures. I was able to do the map thing on Myhero's hole one on Google earth it's been a project I wanted to try for awhil
  10. @ThinkingPlus [](https://community.callawaygolf.com/t5/Clubs/MB1-s/td-p/30711 "")
  11. > @SkiSchoolPro said: > Most seem to accept that the current 4 majors are what everyone will always accept as the major titles in golf BUT I think there are 3 important things to remember: > 1. When some historical pros won their "Major" titles, these titles were not necessarily considered majors. > 2. Some titles that were considered majors years ago are little more than a footnote today. > 3. The PGA Tour would love to own/control 1 or more majors. > > Check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men%27s_major_golf_championships#History for an interesting read on the h
  12. > @Under2hours said: > Was going to start a thread and complain, but then saw https://forums.golfwrx.com/discussion/1787959/please-send-me-birdie-vibes#latest and figured I should not be grousing. > HC is going down & under 11. I am consistent and not many blow-up holes (yes lax with gimmes) and keep it pretty straight. > > However when I read about others and all their birdies and people with 15 HC's saying they usually have 1-2 birdies a round and occasional 3-4 days I wonder what's wrong with me (or playing partners who are 5-11 HC's and a good day is 4 amongst ou
  13. > @carloco said: > Sooooo....... after a simple swing change I started being able to hit my woods well. I absolutely love my m4 3 and 5 wood. I love them so much I would love to buy the m4 5HL. Problem is I’m not sure i have the balls to get criticism for buying a 7 wood. The problem to my solution is buying a hybrid that is big enough to fool me into thinking it’s a wood. Any suggestions for a hybrid around 22 degree with a volume around 130-170ccs? The greatest golfer we've seen over the last 50 years has a 19º wood in his bag all the time. Buy the club you need, if you need to ge
  14. @Myherobobhope Seems like a fun project! I was just messing around on Google Earth I looked at your hole #1 and marked off distances at 200 and 250 from the center of the back tee? Seems promising if time consuming. There has to be an easier way to do this. But it's fascinating. Do these distances seem at all in the ball park? I think I did 25 yard variance at 200 and 38 at 250 with no idea of how accurate that might be. Fun but needs work.
  15. > @Myherobobhope said: > > @JAMH03 said: > > > @Myherobobhope said: > > > > @JAMH03 said: > > > > > @Myherobobhope said: > > > > > Yeah, it would be helpful for me, I just found it interesting how little people hit driver on the course over the course of the tournament... and, honestly, they didn't hit the hybrids or 3 woods much straighter... > > > > > > > > What were their ultimate scores like? > > > > > > Not great, bob. > > > > > > It was an interesting f
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