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  1. I have not and likely will not root for Tiger Woods, as I have not been a fan of his since seeing him every year bypass signing autographs at Cog Hill over a 10-12 year period of attending the Western. Having said that, the number is none, zero of tour players that at their best play like Tiger did in 2000. Just because I don't root for a player, doesn't mean that I don't have immense respect for his ability and dedication to his craft. In my 46 years (30 as a hard-core golfer), I have never witnessed anyone play remotely close to his level that he did in his first 10 years on tour.
  2. Originally, not a fan. Record MD every morning and zip through it at my leisure as time allows. I have grown to like and appreciate his wit and ability to disagree, example being with the complete Tiger-Lovefest that the rest of that show have. He admitted he may be proved wrong about Tiger winning again (old statement), but waited until the comeback 4.0 actually took this time. Also, loved when he came on here to provide his info and opinion on previous MD/Golf Channel thread.
  3. Wanted to know what Version K for the M2 Tour Issue Drivers offered above other serial numbered 2017 M2 tour issued drivers. thanks Searched and didn't see a topic for it
  4. Going to Destin area the week of June 4th and am looking to take few lessons if someone can point me in direction of skilled teacher. 4 handicap who hasn't had lesson in 2 years due to my teacher being a college coach now and very hard to match up with (50miles away). No other options in my small town in Central Illinois. Need tune-up from good Pro. I looked up online and see Rob Strano at Kelly Plantation has high marks. Would appreciate any comments or help. thanks
  5. Agree with all who have visited and been treated like a tour player before even buying a putter. Brought Bettinardi "Miracle" Putter with the copper inserts in back cavity of putter to get custom fitted and checked on the camera. Ben couldn't have been nicer, regripped my buddy's Bettinardi putter for free (I was paying to get fit, he was only their for the experience), he even asked my buddy if he was the one that got a great deal on it on ebay two weeks earlier, he was. I ended up looking at all different styles until finding a "proto" stamped MC-Series 360-W that fit my eye and was very heavy, which I have to have. Ben said he'd shaft it up and I could try it and didn't have to purchase if not happy. Pretty nice gesture. Ended up giving us both free hats, gave me extra grips as I couldn't decide between kangaroo stitchback or the Tour Limited Wrap. We saw Bob come through twice and were able to say hello quickly. Talked with Ben for about 2 hours about various Bettinardi's and players who did/do use their putters. He didn't have any more sessions after us until the afternoo. It was a great day for 2 low hndcp golfers who love tour issue gear to talk to someone knowledgable about many club manufacturers. Asked about Bob's kid, who is a very good golfer in the south suburb's, Ben pointed down in the shop to him working on some custom putters, pretty cool, the kid is learning it from the ground up. I can't belive anyone from IL, IN, IO, MI, WI would not want to spend the time/small expense to take advantage of this great opportunity to get a custom putter from one of (if not the best) the best putter builders on the planet.
  6. Is the 10.5 4250/F7M2 X Flex still available. If so, what is min you'll take, I can get new one from Mr Big for 299 w/graffalloy X flex. How many degrees open, if any is the head. Any issues besides scratch you noted, not concerned with cosmetic issues with club, only dents, big nicks, cracks, etc. Let me know, thanks [email protected]
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