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  1. I'm still living as if it's 2013. Got Day and Scott backed. Just swapped in Bryson for Tiger this time!
  2. Really cool concept! Lexi at 40/1 is so tempting to me but not sure stressing over every 5 foot putt she has is good for my health.
  3. Lexi hasn't missed a U.S. Open since age 12!? Mind blowing.
  4. I'd make him favourite to achieve the Grand Slam before Rory.
  5. 100%. Fancy he'll be a huge factor in April with the warmer weather.
  6. Cam Smith making me a believer. Wind picking up just as the leaders get closer to 12 too...
  7. DJ firing at the pin on 12 with a 4 shot lead would be classic DJ.
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