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  1. Those look awesome. Curious how they were made as well.
  2. Maybe it’s just Instagram, but a few of those pictures looked like there was extremely minimal milling on the faces. Probably just bad photos…
  3. Probably a speed foam redo like the new p790.
  4. I agree with OP and think it’s incredibly tough to tell where you make contact with Sim2 based on feel. Had my fitter and coach give similar feedback.
  5. I use the 505x with a stock sim2 @ 9 degrees. I’ve picked up about 4 mph of SS (114ish now) and am still seeing spin rates around 2100 when I’m in the middle of the face. With low face hits I see 3400-3800 rpm. I agree with a previous user that ball flight is high.
  6. I actually like the line on the bottom like on the Ping i59s. Top line too thick though.
  7. Agreed on the try both option. If there isn’t a huge deficit I’d push for RH for reasons above. I have a lefty son and there was such an obvious difference that he will miss out on all of my sweet sweet RH handmedowns.
  8. Finding out your eagle/net albatross was the only skin! ($1200)
  9. I switched from MP64s to p790s with Accra 80i Stiff shafts back in 2017. Handicap dropped from 13 to 7. I’d give credit to the lessons and the proper fitting.
  10. I hit a bunch of demo 7 irons at GG today including the P790, i59, and ZX7. The gen 3 feels similar to my gen 1. The ZX7 was closest in feel and distance. The i59 was a full club shorter, but more consistent with roll out. I did have 3 flyers out of 20ish swings with the p790. My miss was definitely less punishing, but the distance dispersion with decent swings was sketchy.
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