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  1. 2 items for sale today, all items are shipping included to the conus. New Callaway Epic Speed 3w 15*. Hzrdus smoke 5.5 regular flex shaft. $200 New Odyssey stroke lab rossie 34” putter. $150
  2. 3 items for sales - all shipping included to the conus. Pm with any questions! New Callaway Apex 18* 2 hybrid - catalyst 5.5 regular hybrid shaft. $140 New Callaway MD4 56* wedge 10 bounce. $80 New Callaway MD5 jaws 60* wedge 12 bounce. $110
  3. Wrxers- 3 items for sale today! Shipping included to the conus 1. New Callaway mavrik pro 3 hybrid 20*. Has KBS stuff 80g hybrid shaft in it. $135 2. New Odyssey O Works Black 1WS 35in putter - HC included $100 3. New Odyssey O Works Black 2W 35in putter - HC included $100
  4. 2 items for sale today shipping included to the conus 1. New Callaway epic flash 15* 3w Evenflow green stiff flex shaft - $150 2. New Callaway MD5 jaws wedge 56* - $115
  5. 2 items for sale today, all items are shipping included to the conus. PM with any questions! New Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Putter 35”, comes with headcover. $170 New Odyssey Stroke Lab Rossie Putter 34”, comes with headcover. $170
  6. Wrxers - 3 items for sale today. Shipping included to the conus. Callaway mavrik 3w 15* and 5w 18* w/ upgraded Fujikura Ventus blue VeloCore 7s stiff shaft. Played for over a year. See photos for condition. $old as a package New Callaway md4 chrome wedge 56* S grind 10 bounce. $90 shipped
  7. Wrxers- couple of items for sale today, shipping included to the conus. 1. Fujikura Ventus VeloCore Driver shaft 6s Stiff measures 44.25. Callaway adapter. Has a full season of use with some light markings from pulling in and out of the bag. See photos. $old 2. New Callaway 17* Super Hybrid. Stiff flex Tensei orange ck hybrid shaft. $old 3. Callaway Mavrik Driver head 10.5. Has over a full year of use on it which is shown more on the sole and face, the crown is still in great shape! $old
  8. WRXERS - 2 great shafts looking to move. shipping included to the conus! 1. GD Tour AD DI 6X - Callaway adapter. Length is 44.5, I ordered it tipped a half inch. Only had it for half a season still looks nearly new. $175 2. Oban devolution 6 O4 65g - titleist adapter. Length is 44”, not sure on tipping. Had it kicking around for a year or so. $100
  9. Wrxers - all items are shipping included to the conus 1. Callaway Mavrik 10.5* Driver head. Very lightly used maybe a month or two. Super clean. $220 2. Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver head 9*. Was a gamer of mine for about a season. Has plenty of life. $old 3. New odyssey stroke lab ten putter 35in. Comes with headcover. $old
  10. Wrxers - 4 items for sales today. -All items are shipping included to the us. New MD5 gray 52* wedge 12S bounce. $125 New MD5 gray 54* wedge 10S bounce. $old New MD5 gray 58* wedge 8C bounce. $old New Odyssey stroke lab SM square 35in putter. $175
  11. Wrxers- 3 items for sale today. Shipping included to the US New jaws md5 wedge set. 50-54-58 - 10s bounce. I am going to prioritize selling them as a set first for shipping purposes. $old New Epic Max driver head 10.5 - still in wrapping. $340 Epic Max LS driver head 9* great condition - 15-20 rounds. $old
  12. Wrxers- 3 driver heads for sale today. Shipping included to the US. No headcovers. If you want more pictures please pm me! 1. Callaway Epic Max LS 9* driver head. Used very lightly, see photos. $330 2. Callaway epic flash 9* driver head. Used for about a season, see photos. $170 3. Callaway epic flash sub zero 9* driver head. Used for 1-2 seasons, has a couple very light scratches from an alignment stick on the crown, see photos. $old
  13. I completely understand your point and it is certainly valid in this situation. The point I am trying to make is that as the buyer, before you PM the seller saying “pretty sure the club is fake, I had a feeling”. It’s generally better to open up a forum first to get legitimate feedback and do some research on what brand new driver looks like and how it’s manufactured. I think it’s generally bad practice to PM and accuse someone of selling you fake clubs because you “have a feeling” thanks!
  14. As the seller of this item, I have advised the buyer that this item is completely authentic and I was the first owner of this product. It was not purchased on eBay and resold or anything so I can confirm it’s real. The buyer was looking for a Mavrik 10.5 head and then asked for a shaft to go with it, so I took unused shaft, from a different driver and sold it to him. Both the shaft and head were brand new as described. Note to seller- I would advise doing some of your own research before coming on and accusing people of selling you “fake” items. Im sure the forum will sort this out. Thanks!
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