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  1. Interested if anyone has one already or has the ability to get one at a discount through mfg?
  2. Has anyone had a chance to try both of these on, curious about how the BOA is or if the laced version is the way to go? I've only had a chance to try on the laced version and they felt super comfortable, I've just had bad experience with the BOA in the past ( different brand) and it felt awkward with how the lacing worked.
  3. Interested in anyone who can’t get a discount on a 2021 X5.5?
  4. I've told myself for the past three years I wouldn't change anything, and then come December I have a new (used) bag of clubs, that has been swapped over 4-5x throughout the year.. This year, I just decided to go all in to my problem.. at least I can beat my playing partners who joke my shafts cost more than their bags.. TSi3 Driver & 3wood Ventus Black TSi2 5wood w/ Ventus Red U500 w/ Ventus Blue Miura TC201 - MB101 x7 SM8 Raw w/ s400 SC Futura X7 I think I'm at the point where I love my bag and am happy.. but who knows, someone on this sit
  5. Last year I played 8 different irons sets, from 4 different mfgs ( I may have a problem).. I finally settled on a set of Miura TC201 / MB101 Combos.. now only if the back would let me play them more often..
  6. I'm looking for anyone who has a connection with FJ and can get possibly a discount on the HyperFlex Charcoal shoes?
  7. Looking for a TSi3 or TSi2 5 wood, preferable new / close to new with a xstiff shaft.
  8. Looking for a Tour Striker PlaneMate if anyone has one they want to move..
  9. Purchased off BST, I have used it maybe 3-4x. Purchased more just to test out, but doesn't really have a spot in the bag for me. Titleist U500 2 Iron Hzrdus Smoke 6.5 90g Shaft ( Pured) Standard Length / Lie / Loft Will ship UPS CONUS $220/obo
  10. Not sure if it is the right place, but has anyone hit both the 620mb and the MB-101? I had a set of 620s late last year, but had to sell when I had an injury. I loved them, but I’m pretty interested in the Miura now and it’s been hard to find someone who has Miura to hit. This would be my first set of Miura/ Japanese iron sets other than 1 round with the MP18s.
  11. Bought as a second set, but after some downsizing need to move. I purchased barely used from a member here, and only have used the 7i during a lesson (50 balls or so). Shipping CONUS. 4-PW Standard Loft / Lie / Length Titleist Tour Velvet Cord Grips $815 SOLD/obo
  12. It looks like Brooks has made the move to ZX7 from his 919T, at least for this week.
  13. has anyone that tried these also tried the T100/620 cb? Recently snagged a set of 620, but this thread has caught my eye and now I'm wondering if I should make the switch to the zx7?
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