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  1. There was another thread like this earlier this week, but yes all the OEMs have longer lead times currently due to COVID restrictions / Supply chain. I ordered a set of P7TW at the end of August, I was quoted 2-3 weeks and was informed at the start of October my new expected ship date was end of October. I know Mizuno has it stated on their website they are shipping orders right now at 25 days...
  2. Trying to unload a few items I have around the house.. Will ship UPS (CONUS). I'm not currently looking for any trades. 1. T100 Heads - I bought a set and then ended up winning an Ebay auction I forgot about. Looking to move these as these are in better condition. These were a teaching set, as you can see the 8i was used. $700/obo 2. SIM 8* Head - I bought new at end of September, have only played 2rounds with, just not for me. Includes HC and additional weight. $old 3. Tour Issue X100 (4-9) - bought these for a build that is no longer happening. These have a 0.355" tip
  3. I'm looking for any advice / experience with the Ventus Blue/Black in a driving iron? I have a Titleist U500, with a HZRDUS Smoke 6.5 currently, and while I love the club head look/feel, I've never really loved the smoke line. I have a Ventus Black 6x / black 7x in my driver & 3w, so I was looking at grabbing a Ventus to try out in the UDI ( I can't find anyone local with a hybrid to test). So has anyone tried either of this? Any recommendations on whether I should go blue or black? I'm not sure of my SS with the UDI, but driver hovers around 115-120, middle of sum
  4. Looking for a blue / black Ventus driving iron shaft.. either flex.
  5. I would consider myself a club ho ( I've had 8-9 iron sets this year). I also consider buying / trying clubs to be a hobby in itself. I just like trying new heads / shafts. I haven't seen much change in my scores based on always switching out. Granted, some would argue that I'd score better if I kept a set, but currently I'm happy with my hdcp and this is where I'm getting my enjoyment from golf. I enjoy that other people buy and sell like me, it keeps the used club market full of great deals.
  6. I placed an order for the P7TW at the end of August in the tiger specs. I was originally told 2-3 weeks, but then got an update that they would ship 10/30... I think Taylormade has had a supply chain issue getting heads. According to the Website, if you buy the TW's now it's an estimated shipping of 12/4 and these clubs have been out for a while, so it makes sense the new irons are backordered even more so.
  7. I have played the MP 20s and the 919T. I have hit the 921T in a fitting session ( off grass). My experience, from a performance perspective only, was the Tour offered enough help to make the move worth it for me. I'm a 5 handicap, who would say ball striking is a stronger suit, but I have my days were I need the help. Personally, I found there to be little difference between the 919 and the 921, and that honestly maybe because I think the 919 was so good. From a total package perspective, it's hard to beat the MP20 feel, they just plain feel good. The Tours feel good,
  8. Few items I'm looking to move. Will Ship UPS to any of the 48 US. 1. TS3 15* Fairway. Includes Graphite Design Tour AD DI - 7x at stock Titleist Length. Brand new GPTV Cord grip. Headcover included, no tool. $225/obo 2. HZRDUS Smoke, 6.0 70g Fairway wood. This was pulled from the TS3, stock length with Titleist tip. GP MCC+4 align grip. $75/obo 3. 718 CB 4-9 x100, SM6 RAW 46* 08 F grind Ti X100. These have been used / in decent condition. These were purchased from Titleist and shafts were factory installed. $550 --> $450/obo 4. Arccos Golf Caddie Smart Sensors -
  9. I've had the same problem with Taylormade and a few other manufactures. I ordered the P7TW irons in tiger specs and I'm currently going on 7 weeks with expected shipment sometime late next week. I was quoted 3 weeks max when I purchased. I've heard that they have had a surge in orders / combined with supply chain issues.
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