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  1. Yeah they are a great shaft - I think he has always played something a little lighter with his back problems earlier in his career - probably a good move for the majority of us.
  2. According to his Tour Champion Winning WITB, he was playing the TI 120 X100 - I believe before he was playing XP 115 s300 before
  3. Prices dropped: Likely won’t go lower will just use for builds. Feel free to offer.
  4. Recovering from my latest surgery, decided to actually get fit for this year, speed isn't where it use to be, so I need to move some of the old shafts. I will ship UPS or FEDEX, prefer to be CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions. 1. LA GOLF TRONO 75x: I purchased off a member here to play in my SIMTI 5 wood. It matches stock TM length. It's in great shape with a GP TV grip. TM tip installed. $200 —> 185 2. ACCRA TZ6 PROTO 75 M5: Great shaft, was an absolute bomber for me - just moving away from a 5 wood this season and need something a little less stout. This was a new DEMO shaft, it has the company name and DEMO etched at the bottom. Includes a GP BCT TV, which is pretty new, logo down on TM standard length setting. TM tip. $155–>145 3. TS2 5wood: MODS, THIS IS MY BACKUP 5WOOD, NOT THE SAME THAT WAS POSTED BEFORE. Basically new, has a KURO KAGE 55 regular shaft that wasn't played much. I bought two of these off the rack and installed my own shafts onto them. Great club ( clearly as I bought two) I just am not playing a 5 wood anymore. I do not have a cover, but will shipped protected. $135–> 125 4. HZRDUS Smoke "HULK" 6.5TX Driver: Another new demo shaft I bought, has the same etching as the ACCRA. Plays at stock Titleist driver length, has a Lamkin player cord. This wasn't used much outdoors, mostly just on the launch monitor. Maybe 3 rounds if I had to guess. $155 —> 145
  5. Thank you for this - I appreciate your help. Now to find a buyer haha
  6. Sorry if this has been covered, tried doing a quick search but nothing jumped off the page - Horrible keyword search user.. I'm looking to sell my BLP, just not able to use it. Am I able to transfer the Gold Subscription to who ever buys it? I hate for the 800 to go to waste..
  7. Just a few items I had laying around, not getting to play much, so hopefully finding a good home who will actually get to use these things. I'm not looking to trade for anything, prefer to ship to CONUS. All prices include PP and shipping. 1. Footjoy Dryjoys - I bought these off a member here, never actually got to wear them, they were a little too big. Per their ad "Size 12. Worn a few times, every time they have been worn they have been left at the shoe shine for polishing" They are in great shape. $100 2. Nike Air Max 270 G Grey - Size 12, I only wore these at the grass range near my house, as I prefer spikes on the course. They are very comfortable and in great shape still. I probably wore them 5-6x toward the end of the fall ( purchased late August). $100 3. Nike Air Max 270 G "Sail Light Dew" - Size 11.5, They were worn for 36 holes by my brother as they never fit me. He decided to give the game up so here they are. One round was in the rain, and one was a little damp. They still appear to be in great condition. The camara makes them look a bit dirtier than they appear in person. $100 4. Bushnell XE - I won this in a raffle, I think I used it during 4-5 rounds. It works great, but for how often I'm playing, GPS is enough. Includes case / micro cloth -$400 5. Miura Milled Tour Wedge 60* - Brand new head, never played. I was trying to build a set, but never got around too it. Stock lie and loft. I have some Modus 125x limited wedge shafts laying around I could include for a little extra up charge. $old
  8. if you keep an eye on BST and Ebay late at night, it can be done for a reasonable price ( buying/selling)... that said, these are lessons I learned after spending a fortune... I'm also in CT, so if you ever need gear / want to test something let me know.
  9. Have you tested your swing on another LM to validate your carry yardage? Based on those numbers, using the Flightscope Optimizer, you get about 125-130 yards of carry depending on weather conditions. Either you just subconsciously are pulling back on your swing indoor, or you are getting some roll on course with their 9i.
  10. Just one item. I will ship UPS/FEDEX, prefer to ship to CONUS. TSi4 9*: Purchased off a member here to test vs my SIM, but decided to keep the SIM. Great driver with great feel, just wasn't getting the shape I wanted on a driver. Crown is clean and face is in great shape. I only hit 10-12 balls, and pretty sure member I bought it off did as well. Includes a headcover, but no wrench. I have a demo Hulk (6.5TX) I'd be willing to sell with it for a little upcharge. $old
  11. Took up golf 3 years ago, got the equipment bug in year 2.. since then I've had probably 15 or so iron sets. My handicap has dropped to between 1-2 now and I can say equipment has almost never really made a difference to me. I kept getting better, even with the new clubs, but I was also practicing quite a bit. I buy a lot of clubs used, but I think buying equipment has become more of a hobby than playing golf. Given I'm back in an office, I get to play 1-2 a week, so I spend the other time reading about clubs, seeing what deals are out there for things to try... it's an addiction really..
  12. there was some talk a few months back that at least Titleist may not be doing the 4 for 3 this year. I think a few guys mentioned they heard that from a rep... not sure if it was true / things changed.
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