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  1. I’m looking for a set of Miura TC201, heads or with shafts work, prefer either TI x100 or project x 6.5
  2. Purchased these off a member last week, but quickly remember why I gave up my old set of these a few years back, they just spin too much for me. They have roughly 27 holes in total on them, and maybe 20-30 range balls ( mostly 6i and pw). 718 CB 4-PW Project X LZ 6.0 Standard Titleist L/L/L - standard GP 360 TV Will ship UPS or FEDEX to CONUS.. please no trades $old
  3. sorry about that, everything is stock, including shaft.
  4. Wedge experiment gone by the wayside again. A set of SM8, brushed steel, with a 50/54/58. The 50 has had 3 range balls of use, the 54-58 were purchased used, faces still have plenty of life. The 58* does have some grind work done on the heel for some relief. All three have brand new zcords never used on the 54-58, the 50 only has the three swings with the 50. Will ship UPS/FEDEX to CONUS... $old
  5. I regret selling my ZX7 set, so I'm looking for another. I prefer either Project X rifle or X100 but am open to all shafts.
  6. Looking for some TW 56-60 wedges with s400 or x100… mint to good shape
  7. If you have a chance to hit them off grass, do that. I've long played Titleist, had a set of T100, but loved the look of the 921T. I went to a fitting, loved the feel of them, so I bought a set. On course it was completely different, the sole just didn't work for me, personally. They look & feel great, and if the sole works for you, perform wonderfully, my friend enjoys them very much.
  8. I play between a 3-5 depending on the time of the year. Depending the course I play, sometimes I leave the driver in the car and will use my 3w or Driving iron. I found my sim 3w to be very hot, and I typically can carry it 250-265, with accuracy, more often than not only being a few steps off fairway. If it's an open course, I pull my driver and spray all over. It goes 275-290, but I may hit 2-3 fairways all day. I've taken many of lessons to figure out how to hit a driver like I do my 3w and so far, no one has fixed my problem.
  9. Purchased this set off a member here to have as a back up / travel set. Recently I've been forced to downsize the number of sets I have, so sadly these have to go. Project X 6.0 shafts, standard L/L/L with Iomic Grips. I haven't played these at all, and according to the member some of the irons weren't ever hit, which from the looks of them, seems accurate. I do have a set of Project X 6.5 shafts I could have installed for an additional fee, as well as tour velvet cords (midsized). Will ship buyers preferred method, CONUS, no trades at this time. $old
  10. I really like trying new things out..I usually sell what doesn't work to fund new things though this year I've purchased zx7, JPX921T, MB101, TC201, a few ventus, few Accra, TSi3 driver, TSi3 3w, Sim2 3w, driving iron, SM8, Zipcore, new putter... writing all that out made me realize I may have a problem...
  11. I've played/owned all three, currently have the zx7 and mb101. As others have said, zx7 isn't a blade, but it looks great and is one of the best irons on the market right now if you get along with the sole. Mp20 vs MB101, I would give nod ( and have) to MB101, it just feels and looks how I want an MB to look. Some people don't want to spend the money on the Miura, which is fine, the MP20 fills that void.
  12. I was told it was tipped 1” by the builder.
  13. Purchased Ventus Red 6x new to test in M5, decided to go another way. I only hit about 10 shots on trackman with it, never saw the course or the bag. I had a brand new Lamkin Players Cord put on when purchased. It was cut to stock TM length. I will ship UPS to CONUS. No trades at this time, looking for $old
  14. I'm looking for some feedback on a comparison of these two irons from anyone who may have played or tested them. I was able to do a fit out on some grass and I didn't see much of a difference between them, from a numbers perspective. I'm not sure if I was just swinging well or if they really are both just super close in performance? When looking at my data and having both 6i at 30* loft, they flew the same distance, mishits were similar. Anyone that may have hit both over the course of some time have any feedback?
  15. I’m building a set for a friend, would prefer mint heads, but willing to buy a full set, x stiff.
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