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  1. For me, I either use a U500 or Nike Pro Vapor... given the increase in pricing on the Vapor, I will speak only to the U500.. I find it provides the look I want with the forgiveness of a UT. No problem getting it airborne with the right shaft combo..
  2. Looking for some 919 tours, x stiff with shaft otherwise just heads will work.
  3. Looking for a SM8 50 or 52 in F grind and a 54 or 56 in S/M grind - jet black really just looking for heads.
  4. Just looking to move a few items today. I will ship UPS or USPS, buyers choice, to CONUS. 1. Titleist 620 cb 4-PW: I purchased from a member here to test against my gamers, and while I love the look, my gamers will remain. He said he used for 1/2 a season, they have some bag chatter, but the grooves still look great. Includes Ti S400, stock L/L/L. These have a set of MCC in black and gold, they still have plenty of life left. $750 sold 2. Tour Issue S400 wedge: I ended up buying two sets, so one has to go. These have tour velvet cords, but will likely need to replace soon. 1
  5. Looking for a new or mint Tsi3 or TS3 15* fairway wood.. head only is preferred, but would also consider with a shaft..
  6. Looking for a 620cb 3i, either head only or with shaft.. would really like either TiS400 or X100
  7. I'm looking to upgrade my Driver / 3w / 7w with the ventus. If you have Titleist tips, even better. Driver Length - black or blue 6 /7x 3wood - Black or Blue 7/8x 7wood - Red x flex
  8. Looking for a set of 3-PW or 4-PW 620cb or t100. Prefer stiff / x flex either in DG or Project X. Pending condition, may look at other shafts. would consider a combo as well.
  9. I’m looking for a set of 921T 4-PW, with a stiff or x stiff shaft. I’d be open to a 919T set if in great / mint condition. open to heads only.
  10. I use to go 46-52-56-60, tried 46-52-58 and have finally settled on 46-50-56. This has been the best set up for me so far, I'm much more confident in my shot selection and don't really have to think as much about my yardages. I have 4 stock shots with each of the wedges that cover 99% of the situations I will face.
  11. How do I go about getting an Ad- Relisted? I had a buyer who paid, and I closed the ad, but a day later they decided to have second thoughts, so I issued a refund. is there a way to get my ad Relisted to avoid 30 day rule?
  12. Selling these irons as part of a gear purge to help pay for house while I'm on the IR list. Srixon ZX7 4-AW Project x 6.5: These were purchased off a member here who only played them 5-6x. . I only was able to play them 1x before I had my injury, so they are still fairly new. They do have some bag chatter due to myself and the member who I bought using them in a carry bag for all our rounds. They are forged, so this will happen. I tried to capture in the picture, but the camera makes the chatter look worse than in hand. I had the shafts installed by a shop locally in CT, wit
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