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  1. I’ve seen stickers/decals for two-ball putters on eBay/Amazon that have the triple track alignment on them. They had white and yellow. I’d have to imagine there are plain yellow ones out there somewhere.
  2. The super stroke grip with the countercore weight is the route I went, thinking that it would be easier to fine tune the weight if needed. The stock stroke lab weight is easy to pull, I used a heat gun to loosen the epoxy and the weight slid right out. Probably could even get by with a hair dryer. Would be a little nervous with a torch on the graphite shaft. That being said, you may or may not even notice the ~17 extra grams in the grip if you just straight swap them, just depends on how sensitive you are to swing/total weight. One thing I found out that I hadn’t
  3. Good point, I was just using softer/firmer as an example, but cover material/compression/etc. all contribute to a different feel off the putter that can be hard to adjust to mid-round.
  4. This is the most important thing in my mind. Yes, certain balls will work better for certain people, premium balls may be more consistent and give you more control and/or more distance (depending on how well they fit your particular swing/game), but a mid to high handicapper probably isn't consistent enough in their own game to have it make a huge difference (speaking from experience as a shaky 11 handicap currently). What does make a difference is having a reasonable expectation of how your ball is going to behave, especially from 100 and in and around the green, as
  5. As mentioned, it is easy enough to remove the weight (I used a heat gun for only a few seconds and pulled it out with pliers), cut down the graphite shaft, and re-install the weight/grip. If you're looking at new grips, it's my understanding that the total weight of the grip and weight itself is 105g. The pistol grip is 75g with a 30g weight and the oversize grip is 65g with a 40g weight.
  6. Odyssey Stroke Lab Three has the line on top, nothing in the flange, but it's a silver/black combo head.
  7. Not totally sure, but based on a quick search on 2nd Swing, it looks like that could be the non-corded version.
  8. Ping PP58 midsize is probably right in that wheelhouse. I am a big fan of the corded version. I have it on an old putter with a few extra wraps of tape and the lower hand built up slightly and it is the perfect size for me. I have been looking for something similar for my new non-Ping putter, but haven't found anything yet that is quite the same. I'll probably just bite the bullet, put it on, and deal with the conflicting brands. I hear there's another guy out there who uses a Ping grip on a different brand putter . . .
  9. I have the same high spin issue and played the AVX for a while but switched to the Q Star Tour last year and am happy with it. It’s definitely higher launching than the AVX, but still very low spin compared to anything else with a urethane cover. Deciding factor for me was the fact that QST (Gen 2) is about 1/3 the cost of AVX as they were often on sale last year and permanently on sale these days since the Gen 3 is out.
  10. Q Star Tour is a good middle ground due to the urethane cover. Still not on the same level as a “tour” ball for green side spin, but better than anything surlyn. That being said, I think most people would find they can get along just fine with the limited spin of a two-piece ball after a brief adjustment period. Personally, I stay away from used balls as potential inconsistencies due to water exposure, etc would always be in the back of my mind. There are plenty of inexpensive options out there for new balls. And to wrap it all up, I’ll echo what I’ve read here and many other places - the m
  11. Agreed, 9 is a great sweet spot in my mind. Breaks down perfectly into three long clubs (for me, D, 5w, 3/4h), three middle clubs (for me - 5, 7, 9 or 6, 8, W), two short clubs (GW, LW) and a putter. And I’ve probably said this before in this thread, but it’s worth repeating, half the fun of going minimalist is playing around with different set ups and figuring out which clubs you’re most comfortable/creative/versatile with, along with which gaps are easier/harder to manage I think if you gave me my driver and putter and randomly picked 7 other clubs from my bag, I could get around just abo
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