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  1. Would like it to be near 45” to play 46”, and preferably with a Cally adapter.
  2. Miura CB 1008 3-PW with DG X7’s. They’re in great condition. 1/2”long and 1° up. Have new Lamkin Sonar grips. SOLD Srixon z785 4-PW in excellent shape. Zero browning and very little clatter. 1/2” long and std loft/lie. SOLD Tensei AV Raw White 65TX Prototype 2.0. It’s 44.1”. Tipped 3/4”, and is basically new. Has a Cally adapter at the moment, but can change if needed. $250 obo Tensei Pro Orange 70TX. 44.4”. Unaware of exact tipping, but prob 1/2”. In great condition. SOLD Oban Kiyoshi HB 65g 05. 44.5”. Untipped. In great condition. Has TM adapter,
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