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  1. It's a hall of fame, not a hall of the best. You can be famous for all sorts of stuff besides winning majors.
  2. Seems a poor decision by the NCAA. It would be like cancelling a football game for snow! OMG someone might get hit with a snowflake. Some of those remain classic games because of the adverse conditions. Would be better than just advancing the seeds.
  3. Those of us who have kids know that life changes in a huge way. I don't think it's a bad thing; I think many of us wanted our lives to change in a huge way. Being one of those old everyday sunburnt lifers in the clubhouse bar isn't a life goal for many of us. I basically didn't play more than once a year for 20 years, driving kids to sports most weekends and grinding at work because I had a family to support. Didn't get back into it until maybe 7 years ago. Funny thing is I didn't really miss it those 20 years because I had so many other nice things to do. While a good touring pro can af
  4. When IRL and CART split open wheel racing in the US went into the crapper for a decade. Formula 1 seems an afterthought for most Americans, and I don't see ads featuring Lewis Hamilton even though he has clearly dominated F1 for a long time. But if I imagine a world tour taking all the current top 10 players and a few of the rest, I would still prefer to watch Tiger play against half the top 50 here.
  5. Number 4 would be like Jim Brown's career. Be the best; retire at your peak, and have another career in something else.
  6. How about an exclusive tournament where entry is based solely on sponsorship, appearance fees, and golf course designer fee income. Basically golf related but not from prize winnings. We can call it the Bankvault Open. Seeding based on total $$ in the past calendar year, with the first seed starting at the most under par. Making up the numbers, something like this: Tiger: -25 Jack Nicklaus: -20 Phil: -15 Rickie: -8 Some senior tour guys with course design and corporate sponsors: -7 Koepka, Rory, Jordan: -6 DJ, JT: -5 BDC: -4 Bubba: -3
  7. Maybe he will team up with Charlie for the Zurich Classic in a few years. I think the sponsor would find a spot for Charlie.
  8. Sponsorships are how popularity is usually (and handsomely) rewarded. I would be wary that something run by the tour itself would be endlessly lobbied and gamed. TW is the needle, but clearly doesn't seem to need the $$$. He is the one guy who can raise the attendance and profile of any event just by playing in it. A mini tour Greater Metro Bumville Classic would be televised if TW was playing. So just give him the $8M first prize and the rest of them can fight over the remains.
  9. Old golfers are like classic rock bands. Sure I'd like to be there when they play well.
  10. That is truly funny. Thanks for posting.
  11. Can't think of a reason why holding a sleeve of balls that prominently in that setting is "normal". Seems more like a photobomb to me, and thus would be considered disrespectful.
  12. Just curious, I don't recall the current crop having had great playing careers at the highest levels. I get that great playing ability doesn't necessarily translate into great teaching ability.
  13. Gotta wait 8 months for the jolly red. But I would like to see someone other than the usual suspects win this year.
  14. I'd like to see Freddie win a second green jacket. That would be a blast.
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