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  1. How do we define current and active? Tiger has more wins and majors since 2018 than most players in that time period, since most have zero. He could enter next week just to say he did, play a hole and WD with an injury, but I think he is more principled than that.
  2. Tiger is half Thai so need to count all his wins too.
  3. As a lifetime tour member he can certainly play whenever he wants. The bigger question is how competitive he will be, especially if he only wants to play in majors, Memorial, Bay Hill, Players, and a few he hosts or sponsors. No offense intended, but I doubt his goal is to win Deere or Safeway or some opposite field event. Hard to stay in rhythm playing once a month.
  4. To date, all the next media anointed reincarnations of Tiger have fizzled out. Generational dominance is rare. Good pros are plentiful by comparison.
  5. One of many reasons I don't run. I had a student who ran in the Olympic trials, and my kids went to school with an Olympic 1500m gold winner. They don't run like ordinary humans, even like other athletes.
  6. How many threads here are devoted to Tiger? Most of them get more views and comments than any non-major without Tiger. Then look at threads on majors where Tiger is playing. Way longer than the rest. They should just name the trophy after him.
  7. If they both have to walk 72 holes the 4 cap might have a chance.
  8. Funny how this Tiger thread got bigger quicker than the threads on recent tournaments,
  9. Rickie has be called all sorts of stuff here, so I figured I'd start a more sympathetic thread. AFAIK the guy has not acted like a jerk, never claimed to be more that what he is. Makes a ton of endorsement money with his old flat bill dude vibe - thankfully that look's behind him. He got married to the only collegiate pole vaulter that most guys would ever recognize - and she seems to have handled her fame well without being a jerk either. Expecting a baby daughter next month. He missed the Shriners cut after a long layoff, but managed a better second round. It will be interesting to see if he gets back into contention again. As a TV draw, I'd be more interested in watching a final round with him on the leaderboard that a lot of other (and recently more successful) players.
  10. At least Rickie had a better second round. Something to build on. I wonder if he will play opposite field tournaments this season. At this point he can't afford to be too picky.
  11. Sounded strange to hear his name. Like an "oh that's right, he's still playing" feeling. Maybe the longest period without seeing him on TV. Off to a bad start though.
  12. A great era for golf, and what's scary is it could have been twice as grate save for injuries and off the course drama. He was that good.
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