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  1. Zippo. They get to designate a gift to a charity. TW and Phil raised a furor a decade ago about the players getting stiffed while the RC rakes in multi-millions of $$$.
  2. They will find a way if they are desperate enough. Have him join the European tour. He could qualify on points there. The Brits play under an EU banner and they left the EU. In 2002 the US RC rules were changed to allow foreign born players who because US citizens by age 18 to play on the US team.
  3. No doubt he will be an advisor in some capacity, but why would he want to go through all the second guessing by WRXers again? I'm sure he started each day deeply reading moronic posts about how he was doing it all wrong.
  4. I held the remote at hit the mute button a lot. Aside from the Rolex ad free hour, it seems more like I was watching an ad stream interrupted by a few golf shots. I am at this point sick of BMW, car insurers, etc.
  5. One loss is hardly reason for the Euros to panic.
  6. Give PR citizenship in a European country. It works for the Olympics. They need him more than we do. Then the Euros can have this thread in 2023.
  7. Poulter and Westie can retire on a high note with singles wins.
  8. Interesting NBC note - YJS has never won a singles match in PC or RC. Surprising.
  9. Damn, I skull short approaches over the green too.
  10. In or out predictions. Which players probably will/won't be on the next 2023 team in Rome? Europeans: Sergio inherits the old man role. Rahm leads the team. Lowry, Hovland in. Westie, Poults, Rory, Fleetwood, out. Casey on the bubble. US: Dustin Johnson is the old man again. Morikawa, Schauffele, Cantlay, Finau in. BAD, Spieth and Thomas on the bubble if they don't qualify on points. Brooksie's injuries catch up with him and he fades.
  11. Crowd problems = alcohol problems. They can fix it if the really wanted to.
  12. From the broadcast description it was more a small ditch in the dirt to drain the area, not an actual drainpipe.
  13. For all the $$ this event takes in, they could get Tony a hat that fits.
  14. BAD complaining about not getting a short putt. His putter is almost as long as Bernhard's.
  15. I figure a good reader would mostly eliminate my 4 putts.
  16. The one with the horn app? Yup, associate the brand with poor sportsmanship/cheating.
  17. Strick is batting .750 so he may know something about this.
  18. Interesting how many great results come from lucky shots. As good as these guys are on both teams, a ball lands 1 foot this way to that from 200 yds is either going to hop on the green or down into the junk.
  19. JY and YJS finally have a lead but feels more the the Euros stalled out than the US seizing the reins.
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