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  1. She was the Tiger equivalent on the LPGA tour, someone who really stood out from the crowd. 72 wins/10 majors.
  2. Same issues apply to most sports. Advances in technology and nutrition and fitness etc. Plus more access means a bigger talent pool. I suspect Clemson or Alabama could easily defeat the first 10 Super Bowl championship teams.
  3. Skimmed it but found it boring. Agree with a golf scribe who suggested a true team format without individual scoring.
  4. https://www.golfdigest.com Not me, it's the title of a series.
  5. Jack completed the slam in 1966 with the US Open. Age 26 Tiger in 2000 with the Open (British). Age 24 Ben Hogan in 1953 with the Open. Age 40* Gary Player in 1965 with the US Open. Age 29 Gene Sarazen in 1935 with the Masters. Age 33* Give or take a year on ages for guys with mid season birthdays. Asterisks for BH and GS as it was a very different era. Looking at Jack, Tiger and GP, I have a feeling that you get it in your 20s if you're going to get it. Maybe after a certain age you try too hard, or there are some major setups that just don't suit your game.
  6. Phil is 18-22-7 in Ryder Cup play, and he has been a bit off his game aside from the PGA Championship. Please pick someone else.
  7. If golf were scored like figure skating then those with pretty swings would win everything. Thankful golf isn't like figure skating.
  8. For practical purposes every stroke penalty is also a fined penalty unless you finish first, since final standing determines payout.
  9. There is a reason they are called announcers, not observers.
  10. Seems like a reasonable bet. He has already surpassed the single major winners, J Day, JT, Hideki, BDC, Rahmbo, P Reed. Doesn't seem injury prone, not trying to smash the ball. I think the bomb and gouge players will be stymied by the Open Championship courses. I don't really see BK or DJ winning the Open. And Rory has been in a funk forever.
  11. If Tiger were playing well we wouldn't have to deal with all the chatter about BDC BK etc. We'd have 60 page threads on whether TW would tie Jack, overtake Sam etc. So I blame Tiger for all this stuff.
  12. If the driver didn't work for him, why did he use it? If he didn't test it beforehand then that seems nuts. But Phil's awful day is a more interesting story.
  13. I've suffered through a 4.5 hr nine. Yup, 30 minutes per hole. Walked off at the turn.
  14. If the swatter hit it in the direction of other people I'd be less concerned about docking them a stroke and distance, and more wondering why would I want to play with someone like that and are there grounds for a DQ.
  15. I thought he was old when he carried Tiger's bag.
  16. PW assuming no wind or elevation change etc.
  17. Maybe Nike should sell caddie bibs. I'm sure we'd all rush out and buy them so we could look like caddies. What they wear under the bib is barely visible anyway.
  18. Traditionally, shoes got more comfortable after a few wearings. Might have bee more about leather than current synthetic composite builds. The old hiking saying was old shoes and new socks.
  19. Maybe he got tired of staying at the range after dark. That would get old real quick.
  20. Make them use their teammate's clubs. That should even things up.
  21. Probably the Kordas after this weekend. I think best suggests some balance between the siblings rather than one winning a ton and the other just 1. If TW's half brother wins a single KF tournament (he isn't a pro golfer, just hypothetical) I wouldn't call them them a real best brother act.
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