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  1. As a TV viewer, I prefer the Open and the Masters.  Open courses tend to be seaside links and I like seeing top players dealing with a fundamentally different type of course.  I like the Masters because of the year to year familiarity.  Having a memory library of previous great/awful scores on Amen Corner, etc.  I can't tell a PGA course from a US Open Course, frankly.

  2. The Dirty Dozen Ryder Cup party game.  We can give each player a movie star avatar


    Here they are from Wiki.  I'll start with Steve Stricker as Lee Marvin.


    Actor Role Notes
    Lee Marvin Major John Reisman  
    Charles Bronson Joseph Wladislaw number 9: death by hanging
    Jim Brown Robert T. Jefferson number 3: death by hanging
    John Cassavetes Victor R. Franko number 11: death by hanging
    Trini Lopez J. Pedro Jimenez number 10: 20 years' hard labor
    Telly Savalas Archer J. Maggott number 8: death by hanging
    Donald Sutherland Vernon L. Pinkley number 2: 30 years' imprisonment
    Clint Walker Samson Posey number 1: death by hanging
    Tom Busby Milo Vladek number 6: 30 years' hard labor
    Ben Carruthers S. Glenn Gilpin number 4: 30 years' hard labor
    Stuart Cooper Roscoe Lever number 5: 20 years' imprisonment
    Colin Maitland Seth K. Sawyer number 7: 20 years' hard labor
    Al Mancini Tassos R. Bravos number 12: 20 years' hard labor


  3. Tiger was relatively skinny and flexible when he started on tour.  Bulkier golfers, Tiger included, seem to succumb to injuries.  If Tiger ever plays competitively again, would be an interesting prop bet if he or Brooks wins a next major first. Tiger should be competitive at Augusta for 5 more years.


    On a side note, back in winter after the car wreck I thought we might next see Tiger as an assistant captain in a golf cart for the Ryder Cup.  If he is too [fill in the blank] to even do that, I am less optimistic that he will return as a competitive golfer.  With his $$ his rehab program could relocate to Wisconsin for a week.

  4. Lots of chatter about various players being "snubbed" for ROTY, POTY, RC etc. makes me wonder if "snub" is the word du jour when someone doesn't get what they want.  Sorta a reverse "awesome" kinda thing.


    A typical definition is "rebuff, ignore, or spurn disdainfully."  I don't think any of these players has actually been snubbed.  They were in the mix but a credible alternate was chosen.  If Tiger had been excluded from the Golf HOF that would be a real snub.  .  

  5. 12 hours ago, kasting333 said:

    USA used to be about excellence and he’s flat out better than players that were selected. This isn’t a morality contest.  


    To the extent that golf has a tradition of self enforcement of rules and a measure of character, I think golf is at its core a morality contest within the context of a sporting match.

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  6. If we assign points to the majors aligning with Jack's order (USO = 4; BO = 3; PGA = 2; M = 1) we get (4x4=16) + (3x3=9) + (5x2=10) + (6x1=6) = 41.


    Applying Jack's order to Tiger's major wins we get (3x4=12) + (3x3=9) + (4x2=8) + (5x1=5) = 34.


    Looking at modern era golfers, which I'm arbitrarily defining as TV era.  In each case, the US Open and the British Open represent a smaller percentage of their respective major victories.  In that light, Tom Watson's 5 Open championships is quite an accomplishment.  I suspect with the Masters that the course either suits a player's game or it doesn't, so a winner may have an edge in subsequent years.


    The numbers are quite small so none of this is likely to be statistically valid.


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  7. Hypothetical outcomes of pairing BK and BAD in team play...

    • Fans quit calling out BAD because that would distract BK, and they are willing to cheer BAD if it helps BK.
    • Fans ride BAD, and BK tells them to STFU because at least for the next 4 hrs he needs BAD to play lights out.
    • Fans ride BAD, and BK lets him suffer.
    • BK and BAD try to outdo each other and push each other to great match play and win.
    • BK and BAD just play a normal match like 2 regular teammates.
    • BK and BD try to screw each other and they lose 7 and 6.
  8. The KSAs that make a great player don't necessarily make a great captain.  Not sure why anyone wants the job, volunteer to get crapped on all day by second guessers.  Winningest coaches in various sports are rarely HOF players, e.g. Scotty Bowman, Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichik, Chuck Noll, Nick Saban.  HOFers or HOF candidates like Ted Williams and Gil Hodges didn't turn the Senators into World Series wonders.

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  9. 7 hours ago, toypor said:

    While it looks linksy, I don’t think it plays much at all like a true links, other than it could be windy. Ground game is not much of an option as you need to fly the ball into most greens. Several forced carries. Likely will not play all that firm and fast. 

    PGA 2015- 6 Americans and 1 Euro in top 10. 

    PGA 2010- 5 Americans and 2 Euros in top 10. 


    PGA 2004- 5 Americans and 1 Euro in top 10. 





    There would be about twice as many Americans than Europeans playing in the PGA tournament, so even by random chance we would expect more Americans among the top 10.  Roughly 75 Americans and 37 Europeans played in the 2015 tournament.  All 3 winners were not Americans.  Finishing second in the RC is finishing last.


    Vijay Singh won in 2004

    Martin Kaymer won in 2010

    Jason Day won in 2015


    So overall not sure what to conclude from past history at Whistling Straits.


  10. 2v2 scramble with friends. We are all hacks and lucky to break 90.  Won 9 up and 71-83.  Par 72.  Strung together 3 birdies in row for a nice 2-3-4 stretch.  The match just gets pressed after it has been technically won.  So we won 6 presses.

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