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  1. T8 Tiger tracker tweeted that putt likely cost him a chance Currently T-6
  2. Yes, Tiger definitely deserves credit for Molinari's play LOL
  3. Better a child than some lubricated moron yelling you da man, mashed potatoes, babba booey etc. At least a parent can hold a hand over the kid's mouth.
  4. Molinari wins Tiger's tournament and then (probably) wins the Open when paired with Tiger. He ought build a shrine with Tiger's picture and a few candles. A strong showing.
  5. Overall a good outing, I think. Did better than most of the young guns. One awful hole and some disappointments. His finish is about where he was in his peak years when he didn't win. 1997 24th, then 3, 7, 1, 25, 28, 4, 9, 1, 1, 12, 2009 MC.
  6. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he wins, but he's played well overall at the Open and should be in the mix for the next few years in majors, and prob for the next 10 years at the Open.
  7. If they are that challenged, I'd call it a practice round and not keep score. Personally I would suggest they take an X and drop on the green. If nobody is waiting behind you, drop in the fairway and hit 6. Mercy rule double par.
  8. Maybe Spieth will fold a Danny Willett will win. Crazy talk, would never happen in a major. :taunt:
  9. Many of the exempted former Masters champs have no chance of winning but they play anyway. The Open seems the same. Taking a spot in a major seems a bigger deal than taking one in a low profile opposite field event. Even in majors we let amateurs play and the last time one of the won was whenever decades ago, and they aren't making a living without prize money.
  10. Spieth has folded in a major before. He is playing well but we'll see how tomorrow goes.
  11. What better things did they have to do Saturday than play in a golf tournament? Giving a pass to anyone with a legit WD, i.e. they would have WD'd even if they made the cut. Suggests they don't care. Or that they were disrespecting the game. Doesn't sound like a "deserving" pro trying to make it.
  12. I wish the tours would just ban the things.
  13. At least on the TV view, Adam Scott looks to me like he is anchoring that putter.
  14. Free placement. Actually a recent topic in the Rules forum quiz.
  15. TW tied for the lead. Regardless of how the Open ends tomorrow, I think it's reasonable to say he is pretty well recuperated from his back surgeries.
  16. It is written that the young lion shall face the old , and the dominant rights passed for All time. It happened with jack and tiger. When will tiger pass it to Spieth. ? I don't recall that Jack and Tiger were ever paired in a tournament. Jack was pretty old even when Tiger was at his old peak.
  17. -5 through 11, tied for 3rd. Realistically some of the later players are likely to go low as well, but good to see him in the mix.
  18. Looking good so far today. -4 through 10 and tied for 7th.
  19. TW -4 through 10. Tied for 7th. Spieth eagled #1. Should be an interesting day.
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