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  1. I am already one of those...hmmm...what to pick :dntknw:
  2. The video was pixelating from time to time too. As to the hosts, at least it's not Jim Nance.
  3. Naptime

    Baba Booey

    Probably related to excess alcohol. Not sure they would want to give up the booze revenue.
  4. Would prefer they do that off the tee rather than playing with the speed and contour of the greens. Feels a bit fake to me. Otherwise just use artificial surface greens and don't need to worry about killing the grass, or mowing or watering...
  5. 20 years ago. Wilson Ultra 1 iron off the tee into a headwind on a 235 yd par 3. Pin high and made par. Still have the club but I can't get it airborne anymore. Would use it as a chipper but no room in the bag.
  6. In those situations we don't move the original ball, and you putt first.
  7. If someone did that in our 4some he'd get a ton of grief. Maybe the Mickelson will replace the Mulligan. Has a ring to it. :swoon:
  8. Just curious how many others are in the same boat. I've never had one in the 37 years I've played. Didn't have any interest in competitive golf. The only time I ever bet is with a core group of buddies playing 4 ball teams. Usually a $1 Nassau scored both stroke and match. Presses OK. We know each others' games well after all these years. Basically 3 of us will shoot in the 90s from the whites, and one guy will break 100 only if we ignore his whiffs on the tee. If he's having a bad stretch we might play a 2 man best shot pairing him with whoever's been playing best recently.
  9. My "that was a gift" pars are usually sandies on a par 3s.
  10. 14* F with significant wind. Have also played in snow. Nice to have the course to ourselves without waiting on any holes.
  11. Haven't found it to make a difference with me after I switched to a SS grip.
  12. Maybe the R&A will have a chat with him before he tees off at Carnoustie.
  13. Samsonite with a stiff arm: not expensive, has held up well, a bit hard to pack because of the single zipper (put the driver in after the bag is already in, then extend the stiff arm). Rolls well with 2 skate wheels. Not too heavy to pull IMHO. I don't use the outside pockets. Comes with a small duffel and a shoe bag. I use the shoe bag. Ping with stiff arm: Had a store credit and didn't need anything else at the time. Loads easily and rolls well upright on 4 wheels. Haven't traveled with it yet.
  14. Kuhl makes a hat that looks a bit like a soft pith helmet. Noticeably cooler for me than a baseball style golf hat.
  15. No, they seem to screw with my perception of the shot.
  16. Haven't really noticed a difference in golf. Is more of a challenge for me in trap shooting.
  17. Dear Newbie, it's the done thing here to stick to the topic, rather than wander off and insert your own delusions into an ongoing thread. Been lurking here long enough to see threads wander all over the place. Was just trying to fit in :-)
  18. At least Bones wasn't part of the scene. Has he commented?
  19. If Phil just manned up and said guys I totally fracked up out there and I am withdrawing, I'd be inclined to give him a break and say life is like that sometimes. I think he is just digging a deeper hole. He seemed to duck a bullet on the insider trading stuff a couple years ago. Maybe he thought he could just skate on this too. While he wasn't my favorite player I thought he was a good guy, skipped last year for his daughters graduation etc. Not anymore.
  20. When you pick up you at least have the dignity to admit "no mas." If you pick up and tee off on the next hole that's entirely different.
  21. What reason is there to clearly chase after a moving ball and hit it that doesn't involve saving strokes? Getting it over with on a hole is done by saving strokes. I think he just had a massive brain fart and realized he probably won't win a US Open ever and snapped. Maybe when he asks for an exemption some day this will tilt the scale to no.
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