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  1. Sometimes routing through a housing community or over a wetland area. I prefer to walk just because I go directly to my own ball and also get a better feel for distance etc. But even a short distance on a modern course is often a par 3 walk. So it feels like walking about 30 holes to walk18.
  2. Maybe the telecast was following the gallery and it was just a coincidence that all those people happened to be near TW. He kept getting in the way of the gallery shots the networks were trying to get. What a photo bomber ?
  3. I have had distances between holes that would be par 5s.
  4. The KPMG Break a Wedge Championship
  5. TW no rounds over par. Good week. Did a lot better than Ricky.
  6. 1980s off brand sand wedge with a huge sole.
  7. Over the course of 35 years. 5 iron sets and about $300 each. Probably 8 drivers, more recently in the $3-400 range. A dozen used hybrids. 4 SW, 6 putters - only recently more pricy. 6 bags. A handful of Ping wedges. Probably 100 dozen balls o we that time. Maybe 100 buckets of range balls. I spend more on green fees - all public, and golf travel. All in all not much. Less that I spend on fishing gear.
  8. Let's just call it a lost decade then. The TW reference was about what it takes IMHO to have a decade named after any individual golfer. Some decades won't have one, just like some historical periods won't have a named era.
  9. Doesn't look like a hypothetical, given all the details. Was the hole ahead of you open? Did the other members of the group behind you have anything to say?
  10. Do what works for your score, rather than chasing a particular technology. Higher scores will make you even more tired.
  11. Nobody deserves the label. Guys win a major and the media crown them the next coming of Jack or Tiger. Hogwash. The recent crop is too erratic. Win once and miss a few cuts and on an on. Nothing I have seen matches Tiger's run from 2000-2010.
  12. I tried it with a TM R15 and wasn't any better for me.
  13. Congrats on the achievement. I can beat my age only in dog years. :taunt:
  14. His brother "Youda" attends a lot of tournaments.
  15. Probably my son's first par or something like that.
  16. 20 years ago. Getting ready to play a morning round at a local public course as a 2some. A 3some is on the first tee. Starter walks up to the 3some and asks if they will let a single join them. Guy is walking toward the first tee, wearing a Batman tank top and shorts. They say no. We say it's fine with us and he joins us. He plays the front 9 fine, and as he is leaving at the turn to go to work, says he's the chef at the course restaurant and lunch is on the house. We had a nice free lunch.
  17. Typical golfer has a dad bod. Sad but true.
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