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  1. A dozen. Much less than desired.
  2. Today. Cold windy. No warm up. Hit every fairway with decent distance but never got even a single par. Frustrating day from fairway to green.
  3. Good is 200 yards anywhere down the fairway. Better is 220 yards down the fairway. Best is 240 on the favored side of the fairway for the second shot. At my age that is OK.
  4. To me Phil is like Bret Favre. Fans say that both were passionate players. Bret could be exciting on the field for his TDs or his interceptions. Kinda like Phil, whose WTF blow ups are as well known as his wins.
  5. 62/62 Not bad at all. JT and his dad really shot lights out. Congrats all around.
  6. As they say, Tiger is the needle. Announcers are going to talk about him whomever he plays with. Charlie has game, especially for his age, but TW seems to be doing the parenting stuff admirably. Charlie behaved himself better than a lot of guys I've seen on course. Kids at that age are more charming than teens or adult kids or old parents, so it was in many ways the most interesting pairing. Watching an adult hit an amateur level shot isn't all that compelling. Looking forward to watching round 2.
  7. I suspect Tiger would, if they win, put the trophy on the top shelf of his trophy display.
  8. Caddies are using laser rangefinders, so I think we have local rules here.
  9. Hell, Charlie plays better than most of the guys I know.
  10. As long as we are talking QBs, Dan Marino and Jim Kelly never won the NFL's sole major. So Mark Rypien, Joe Theismann, Jeff Hostetler, Nick Foles, etc. must be better quarterbacks. Chess may be one of the few competitive activities where a lucky (or unlucky) bounce doesn't happen.
  11. I thought Morning Drive was a better name that what they will be calling it.
  12. AFAIK Fred Funk is/was the only player with a Maryland tie as the past coach of the UM golf team. I don't think I rooted for him more than any other player.
  13. Tom W may be off to the heavenly fairway in 30 years, so probably moot whether he is picked or not.
  14. ANGC makes its own rules. She doesn't have to be a past winner of the Masters.
  15. Or maybe his game is what it would have been anyway, but he has managed to get some good sponsorship deals back in the day when the flat brim hat was a thing. I don't recall that he ever claimed to be better than DJ (as did BK) and all that drama. If he's happy, I'm happy for him.
  16. Bags are getting heavier, especially if people bring phones, Bluetooth devices, beverages etc.
  17. I ride if carts are available but have walked and carried.
  18. I've been married to the same wife for almost 40 years. In my experience, traits tend to persist and increase over time and after marriage. For example, if you are grumpy now you will become grumpier with age. Are you ready to quit golf? For the rest of your life? Marriage and kids give you more obligations, not less.
  19. I'm an older guy and I've played on a windy 9 degree F day, and in falling snow. It's a great experience because it's not crowded and the course plays differently when the water hazards are frozen over. I find red or pink balls are easier to spot.
  20. Looking at the results of most guys (fellow hackers) I see, the marking etc. doesn't seem to lower their scores. But if they don't slow down the game I ignore it.
  21. Looking forward to playing more now that the weather is getting cooler.
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