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  1. he'll be back in a scotty pretty soon
  2. @CDMIn regard to the 18 line, was Scotty happy with them...or upset that others didn't like them? I happen to like the 18 insert line and think they feel great - especially when struck center - off-center hits do feel like a miss hit - I get quite a bit of feedback. Just curious as to what Scotty thought and where they were actually made?
  3. just off the top...victor hovland, adam long, there are several more, that's for sure.
  4. @pga43 Greg, is Charl using a Seemore this week? Looks like I saw that. Had been using a SIK? Untitled clipping.textClipping
  5. I actually liked the concept x more than any of these. Great, underrated putter. Shouldn't have been $600-700. Should be normal $400 - great soft but solid feel and very stable.
  6. Depends on the feel you want. The 2018 line has an aluminum insert and the 2020 is a mid milled 303 stainless steel head. It all depends on the feel you want. I personally loved the 2018 line and think it's soft, but solid - much better feel on both putters than odyssey does IMO.
  7. Believe it or not, the putters will feel different, have a different weight and a different look. So the combination of look, weight and feel make a huge difference to putting, he's always tinkering - a lot like all of us! He's got a T-22, Super Rat, and his "ace" gamer along with a few others but each have distinct feels.
  8. just think about how good he would be if he actually kept his eyes open while putting
  9. It's an 11.5 (flow neck) - same one max homa is gaming and cam smith gamed for a tournament.
  10. @hl2xj I never ended up buying it... I've tried the retail rsx 001 (only inside on putting green) and it felt pretty good. I wasn't able to game it outside, which is the true sound and feel test. I also had the chance to try one issued to a guy that used to play on the web.com and it has a stability shaft and that really messed with the acoustics IMO - very clicky w a stability shaft - he also had tungsten in the heels - could have affected sound. IMO i liked the retail version - also loved the top line on it. Here's the deal, no pros game it, it wasn't a h
  11. Love the Brian Gay bag @pga43, any chance we can get a full bag from him at some point?
  12. such a great putter. Im not sure why more don't use this - I loved the feel so much I went out and bought an OTR model. In my opinion, this is cameron's best insert putter and probably my favorite model ever.
  13. Great putters, don't own one, have rolled them. The feel is good, but didn't beat out my scotty.
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