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  1. If you look for the right scotty, you will find one. Wasn't a fan of Scotty's until I tested them against everything. Play what works, but if you want all 14 clubs as titlest, i promise you can find a scotty you'll like!
  2. there is no difference in toe flow between newport and newport 2 for scotty cameron
  3. Matilda Castren won with this recently (LPGA) - you're referring to the 2018 with the aluminum insert, right?
  4. I tend to lean more towards Seemore. More feel, helps with aligning properly to put a proper stroke on the ball each time. LAB is great too - I found it more difficult to judge speed and feel on short putts. I'm more of a feel putter so I lean towards Seemore. I owned one, but eventually settled on a Scotty Cameron - a Scotty just worked best for me.
  5. game a 2018 newport 2 - love the feel of the putter. Softer than a regular mill, but not as soft as scotty's deep milled putter line from 2012-215 and just slightly softer than the T-22 teryllium. You hit the center and it feels very smooth. To me, this is the best option for someone that likes both an insert and a milled face - firmer than a regular insert but definitely softer than a regular milled putter.
  6. I understand that. I can tell a difference in every putter I have though. I have a honeycomb bettinardi, fly milled bettinardi and many other putters. They all feel different than my scotty. I've hit many methods too - they feel great, but personally, I feel subtle differences. I'm a a detail guy with putters and like a very distinct feel and sound. 303 and 303 can feel different based on milling, face depth, topline, anything - scotty is a great manipulator of feel/sound - i personally think he's nailed it on most of his putters. That being said - before I got into golf I thought
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