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  1. Thanks, Greg. Maybe at a Texas tournament hahah
  2. @pga43Greg, any chance we get a brian gay updated witb with pictures of his cameron?
  3. Greg, while you're there, ask him why he switched to his scotty cameron tour rat from his odyssey haha! He's been lighting it up since the switch - maybe that's why he did it! Excited to hear about this interview with p reed. Thanks!
  4. It is - he putted great with that before he started experimenting with a few other putters. Glad he went back to it.
  5. scotty cameron 2018 line insert. Soft and solid, provides slightly different audio than a milled face. more of a "pop" feel, which i love. give that a shot.
  6. Phantom 12.5 all day - better feel and the grip is better imo. Just putts a great roll on ball
  7. 2020 is solid - good feedback - can be a bit clicky at times, but also feels very pure off the center strike. Grip is premium and balance is good. That being said, I prefer the 2018 line slightly better.
  8. When struck perfectly in the suite spot, the 2018 has the better feel IMO. I felt it pretty easy to diagnose mishits on the 2018 as well.... i could hear the mishits more on the 2018 line. That being said, the 2020 is great on mishits and feels just a bit more hard than the 2018 line. The 2018 line has great sound and feels "solid and smooth" when struck dead center. The 2018 is more of a muted tock than the 2002 line - a little more crisp sounding.
  9. both are great putters. I personally like them both equally - just two different feels. I'd just test them both if you are able to.
  10. Scotty cameron. Ive hit many bettinardi's and many scotty's. Own a bettinardi, own 2 scotty's. Better looking, better balance/weighting with a scotty. I don't know what it is, but there's something about them that just works. Ive hit nearly every putter out there worth hitting and I always come back to a scotty.
  11. 2014-2015 line is my vote - great looks and good soft, solid feedback. Also like 2018-2019 lineup, despite everyone else seeming to not like them.
  12. Most hate the 2018-2019 line, but I think the sound and feel is great. When you hit the sweet spot, it's a very pure feeling. The 2020 line is awesome, different sound and feel, just have to compare them yourself. I probably lean towards the inserts - very unpopular opinion
  13. Greg- Do you know if Luke List is putting the scotty in play this week? He is usually TM or Axis...?
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