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  1. Errr no, would make matt kuchar a major champion and no one wants that
  2. Thats my problem, i hit a lot of greens but not close enough, and cant remember the last round i didnt have atleast 1 3 putt
  3. Im not sure how i can make these stats up, and thats just my 5 tournament rounds this year as these get saved
  4. So my Tournament rounds this year, 5 (i dont count friendly rounds in my stats) im averaging 68.8% GIR (course is 7000 yds with a 74.9/137 rating, though still dont really know what this means) My putting average per hole is 2.3, i dont need this stat to know im absolute garbage at putting, and that hitting it closer with my approach shots will help
  5. Lee Trevino, even though i am too young to have seen him in his heyday, absolute legend
  6. He only joined the European tour this year, think he was entitled to try and find his feet for the first few tournaments
  7. Yeah bet one of the girls is his sister and she asked her friends to do a picture with her kid brother to make him look "cool" on instagram
  8. Its not hate (dont know how you can hate anyone without knowing them) i would just rather watch other players, all of the other players to be honest, apart from maybe keegan bradley, them 2 in a 2 ball and im switching off
  9. Crikey, didn't even know he was on the run, whats the betting he gets a new sponsor while on trial
  10. Good spot didnt notice that, well the club with the wrapper still on the head has the white groove so he wouldnt have done it
  11. Exactly, the ONLY time you could call Europe "underdogs" i suppose is when its on American soil, and even then its only about 60/40, at best
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393384345878?hash=item5b9788c116:g:kQcAAOSwj-5gvQV- Something looks off to me, looks like the jpx 919 on the badge looks too close to the lines/grooves, and the stamping on the hosel looks a bit weird The only thing saying they could be genuine would be the custom shafts Can anyone confirm?
  13. Really?? id take the Euro team every day of the week, Euro players may not be winning lots at the moment but the Ryder cup is not 4 rounds of strokeplay, and lets face it the US will figure some way of messing it all up, they have already started by the look of it
  14. I would not want my average back spin to be as low as the TSi3 (1800) you would get some really low spin nose divers with that, dont know why a fitter would think thats a good idea, well apart from the coin he would be getting
  15. Hey he might be right, quite strange though that its not mentioned at all in any of the blurb, even though Miura is renowned for being one of the BEST forgings in the world! What a plonker
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