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  1. Swinging a driver with a clubhead speed of over 120mph and hitting the centre most of the time, while controlling trajectory and direction is not skill? sorry but what absolute baloney! In my opinion of course
  2. Players with distance always had an advantage, nothing has changed, but doesnt mean the average hitters can't win or compete, morrikawa has just won the PGA, he can't get no where near bryson length wise, Bryson has only won one major up to now If fitz doesn't want to add length then thats his perogative but don't start moaning about someone who has, and who is pretty damn good at all the other aspects of the game as well.
  3. So basically he's saying he could add length if he wanted to (knowing length is an advantage) but doesnt want to, so basically hes lazy with a defeatist attitude, im surprised hes won as much as he has tbh. And what does he think should happen, everyone who hits it over 320 should get banned? What an idiot
  4. And to add to that.."that blade has too much offset" oh shut the f*** up! One of my faves though "whats wrong with (clothes maker) sizes, they seem to be smaller sizes than other brands" errr no your just a fat fu**er
  5. Trevino - i still go to Youtube just to watch him play (on mute) Garcia - love watching him play, of all the Tournaments ive been to he's still the first one i'll go and watch Wolff - got to say my new fave to watch, not seen him play close up yet, hopefully get to see him next year at The Open
  6. Holy cow she's changed quite a bit in 10 years
  7. I found it was the opposite, if i dont turn them enough my hands have a habit of going towards the ball
  8. And when he hits a bad shot he doesn't just shout gosh either, think the broadcasters might need to move the mic a little further away on Tee box's, you could almost hear the commentators crawl under their desks at one point lol
  9. So you dont think its an issue someone buying a 5-pw not realising the 5 iron is 20*, which most wont, i know a lot of players who struggle with 26-27* 5 irons, nevermind 20* But great post
  10. That's just ridiculous, wouldn't it be nice if the governing bodies came along and said right a 6 iron is a minimum 28*, if the loft is below this it has to be labelled a 5 iron, a 7 iron has to be a minimum 32* etc etc, so you could still have stronger lofted irons but not 5 irons at 20*!
  11. He has his own golf centre, i would imagine carrying on helping scottish golf as well
  12. I would guess that you hit up quite a bit, hitting up is great with the driver, can get away with it with fairways and hybrids, even to a certain extent longer irons, but when it comes down to the shorter clubs hitting up is a no no, if you hit quite a lot of thinned & fat shots with the shorter clubs this could be the issue
  13. Paul Lawrie did 2 things in his career that makes him a a great guy in my opinion, he won the Open, then stuffed Snedeker in the Ryder cup. He also does amazing things for Scottish golf and will probably do so while he can stand up straight
  14. Correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure you cant just go and order the i210's like that, you will either need to be in touch with the Ping tour van or a specialist grinder
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