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  1. Refund before getting it back? is that a serious question?
  2. So basically if the instructor says all bowed wrists at the top is wrong, he's wrong, if he's saying YOU need to stop bowing your wrist at the top, there might be a reason Its one or the other
  3. Keopka basically said its like all the other Florida courses he plays on, didnt look anything special to me on TV, but i've never been
  4. If you know for a fact them marks weren't there, and the item was packaged in a way the marks couldn't have happened from shipping, i would tell the buyer sorry but the item is not in the same condition as when i sent it and there is nothing you can do, maybe a partial refund if he returned it, but that would be it
  5. Looks like Bryson finally finished the worlds supply of energy bars/shakes, looks like hes lost a few pounds
  6. Try and book a hotel for St Andrews before october, its crazy, im going for a week in mid May hopefully, it was actually cheaper renting a 2 bed apartment than booking hotels, and im not talking the old course hotel either
  7. Adams Pro DHY's, think there from about 2014, tried loads of other alternatives but always go back to these
  8. You do have to wonder, but when it comes to there black, i dont think anyone has done a more durable black finish
  9. Any scottish guys/gals who are members of good golf courses and can get me on a bit cheaper
  10. Bet Tiger is gutted about that and wishes he could swap careers
  11. Im going to guess they will bring out some copper wedges as well, although the new Taylormade Hi Toe wedges would look so good with these
  12. How good do they look! well that's my next purchase sorted whenever they become available
  13. I thought id seen a copper MIM tour iron, thought i was going crazy, cant yet find any info on them though
  14. Oh right ok, i spoke to a PXG fitter last week and im sure he said the irons were getting assembled in the UK now, i ordered the 0211 3 wood nearly 2 weeks ago, still not heard about that yet, not that it makes a difference living in the UK at the moment
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