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  1. The only thing we need to look at is the qualifying, the fact Westwood and Fitzpatrick still scraped through automatically despite being dreadful for the past 3 or 4 months needs sorting, cant see the harm in doing what the US does and only have 6 auto's But even if that was the case we still would have got mullered, the better players playing great golf is going to get it done no matter what happens, thats golf, 2 years is a long time so could be all change in Rome
  2. Get Rahm v DJ and morikawa v garcia as the first 2 games, atleast it will be fun to watch for a few hours
  3. Nah Harrington will probably put out westwood, fitzpatrick, Rory and poulter as his first 4, Rahm will probably be out last
  4. I get the feeling lowry had been waiting a long time to have the chance to do that
  5. If only hovland had a decent partner at some point in this Ryder cup and he would have the points he deserves
  6. And thats why Rahm is world no 1, dear god what would the score be without him
  7. Casey is making westwood look like crenshaw, its crazy how poor a putter he has been, if he plays this afternoon then the vice captains need to have a mutiny
  8. At the moment casey and hatton cant hit a fairway, cant hit a green, oh and they cant putt, great pairing!
  9. I was disappointed mcintyre didnt play but hes disappeared in the last few months, apart from that you have the hojgaard twins, but there still both very young, at the moment thats it, as a European its worrying for the next 4 or 5 ryder cups
  10. Reckon westwoods son would give them both a good match, absolutely shocking, but no surprise, i was defending Harrington yesterday but after playing them again hes totally lost the plot, he will be joining the clarke and faldo group
  11. Note to westwood, please dont ever, and i mean never, qualify ever again! You have done your bit in the past but now its time to leave stage right!
  12. Sorry but us Euros can take the flack about the golf but not clothing, did you not see the Americans at the opening ceremony? Looked like they had 3 different outfits and just mixed them up
  13. Dont worry fellow Euros here comes westwood and fitzpatrick
  14. Mmm i reckon even Tom Watson as captain would be winning against this European team
  15. I was gonna say can this get any worse, but I think it can and probably will, i know this is probably the worst Euro team ever but there playing even worse than that, are we not allowed to let vice captains play??
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