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  1. According to the Evnroll website it’s 22 degrees.
  2. Evnroll ER2 35 inches with stability shaft, gravity grip, and head cover. $375 shipped
  3. Graphite Design AD IZ 7X driver shaft measures roughly 44.25 from butt to sleeve tip. Potential trades would be a premium 6X shaft (Will add cash for a Ventus) - ~~$240~~ $220
  4. I have seen this a couple times, but not sure what it is. Can someone explain what the black diamond heads are?
  5. Even the finish looks more like a Miura iron.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I should have mentioned that I have no problem re-gripping clubs. I'll be buying some cheap irons to start messing with.
  7. I just love the look of these, just haven't had any luck gaming a Spider.
  8. Handicap: 7 Current driver: Callaway Rogue SZ with Fujikura Pro 2.0 6X Closest Fujikura dealer: Ken Schall Golf West Des Moines, IA Ventus Weight/Flex: 6X Agree to post review/pictures: absolutely
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