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  1. This. There will almost certainly be some type of capital improvement done to Brookstone. My guess is that ClubCorp will convert any fine dining area at Brookstone into upscale casual dining (they've done this quite well at other clubs), add outdoor patio dining if it doesn't already exist, and if it is available, convert some clubhouse space to a fitness center. This is precisely what the club needs. The course itself is fun and challenging, and the members are great too! BTW - I just sent you a PM.
  2. I am looking at purchasing a new club bag because my hard case is heavy and awkwa4d to store in cars while traveling. I’m a little nervous about buying a soft case with stiff arm because it doesn’t provide the same level of protection, and the airlines are not willing to cover damages. That said, I really like the quality of the Club Glove Last Bag Pro. It seems roomy, durable, lightweight, and good quality. Anyone have any experience with this bag? Also - if I were to buy in the store versus ordering online, does that take away the embroidery option? Any other suggestions?
  3. I’ve had a great experience with clubcorp. If you find a good home club, you’ll love all the benefits. There’s only a few SLAMMED clubcorp facilities and everyone knows which ones to avoid. Recently I joined the champions club membership, which makes me a FULL member at Polo, Manor, White Columns, and Atlanta National. Unlimited golf no cart fees. Since I live in the Kennesaw area, it makes no sense for me to do that, but I would like access to higher end clubs for the cart fee. Is there a membership option to do that without having to select one of those clubs as my home course?
  4. I’m traveling to Denver this week and playing Arrowhead with some customers. I’ll have some availability for another round Wednesday afternoon (after flying in Wed morning) but where should I play? I’m staying near Highlands Ranch. I’d love to play Ballyneal, Cherry Hills or Castle Pines, but who wouldn’t want to play there? I missed the opportunity to play Castle Pines by a few weeks. Anyway, I’ve heard Fossil Trace, Bear Dance, Common Ground, and GVR were good options. What do you recommend for that 1 round?
  5. Really appreciate all of the feedback. I am currently a member of a Brookstone - which is about to become a ClubCorp course. I like the challenging layout, we have some friends there, and it’s 5 minutes away from my house. I’m mostly concerned about how ClubCorp may negatively impact my ability to get good tee times, and I’m sure there are other risks. I like the idea of getting access to other courses in the Atlanta area, but I’m not sure how often I will use that perk. Lastly, I’m not sure how the new ownership will impact the profile of our members. Given my career, I’d like to hav
  6. So I will have an opportunity to play one of these courses in August. Which one should I play? My thought process... I have a reliable connection at both Olympia Fields and Medinah. My connection at Butler is a little more temporary. Whistling Straits is a course I could play at any time, but I don’t foresee a lot of travel to Wisconsin moving forward. So I’m thinking I need to play Butler or WS. But which one is the MUST play?
  7. Hi - first of all, I am new to this forum. Followed it for years, but now posting for the first time. I am turning 40 this year and am looking at possibly joining a nicer club before initiation becomes outrageous. I live in the Kennesaw/Acworth area and am currently a member of a club in the area. For various reasons, I’m looking to make a change. That said, I’m looking for some higher end clubs that offer a pretty good deal to join right now for new members under 40. Some examples of clubs I’d like to explore include: Atlanta Country Club Cherokee T&C Marietta Country Club Atlan
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