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  1. Lucky you! I think that is one of the top public courses we have in IL. Always a treat (and a challenge) to play there...
  2. 3 sheep's is excellent! I always make it a point to stop there when in Kohler or Sheboygan.
  3. Good to hear about the condition at Maple Meadows, I'll be there Friday. Had the fescue grown in yet? The course completely changes based on whether that is cut down. The tee shot on 1 and 10 is ten times easier when you don't have to worry about the large section between the two holes. I'm super excited to get in a round under normal conditions with my new Titleist 620CB's. I got the last set apparently at PGA store in Schaumburg, which had a Project X LZ shaft. It is heavier but I like it so far. If anyone is interested in my old Mizuno MP4's, let me know.
  4. We made our first trip ever to Big Run, went with an open mind and excited to see what all the fuss was about. I can see varying opinions on the layout and fairness, etc. but this was absolutely the worst golf condition I have ever seen a golf course in. Walking up to the 1st hole and wondering where the actual hole is since there was a forest was hilarious. We lost four golf balls on the front 9 simply because there were so many weeds in the grass, just awful conditions. I rarely ever say this but I would not play here again for free, which is a bummer because the staff was excellent an
  5. Geotown - You definitely won't need a guide at Schaumburg. Everything is right in front of you. I can only think of two holes where the landing area isnt perfectly visible and even then, you just aim down the fairway. It is a subdivision course so avoid the houses and you'll be fine
  6. Long rounds at Schaumburg is the norm, they have no issues getting rounds booked so you normally have a full course with alot of holes side by side. I would say 4:30 is pretty average for 18 holes on any given day at Schaumburg. The tournament was the last nine to be re-worked.
  7. At least you are not in my situation, hit the ball well, know how to play, swing is fine...but have the yips on the putting green. My hands twitch right before impact and there is no way to stop it. Last round included a 4 putt from roughly 20 feet, it's bad. You'll be fine as I think the swing comes and goes for any skill level, including professionals.
  8. Great to hear about Bowes. I think I'll try to head there next. I played Bartlett Hills on Friday, second time ever for me. I cannot fathom playing a Saturday or Sunday morning here. It took us 4:45 minutes after waiting on two groups every tee box through 10. We barely made it before darkness. What a combination of gorgeous holes and awful holes. Hole 13 is so majestic from the tee. Conditions were as expected for municipal course. Bumpy greens made short putts tough, but overall for $39, I can't complain. I wouldn't mind playing again but I imagine the roun
  9. Highland Woods on Saturday. Super excited! I decided a long time ago to play courses early in the year that have generally poor conditions throughout the year. Produces lower expectations and less disappointment!
  10. You won't be seeing any snow for long with the temps we have coming. I am in Schaumburg area right now and there is more grass than snow. March golf looks to be in good shape this year.
  11. Bummer! I noticed a few foundations going up two years ago. I did not play it last year, sad to hear it is turning into a subdivision type course.
  12. I'm a little different in that I hate (strong word, I know) playing courses in subdivisions and/or surrounded by houses. I guess that is what I meant by a different level of course. I won't even play Mt. Prospect anymore, too much potential for disaster with the proximity of kids and houses on that course. They just didn't have a lot of land to work with. Yes, Oak Meadows is excellent, good addition.
  13. You put together a really nice list, just know that Ravosloe, Mt. Prospect and Ruffled Feathers really aren't on the same level as the others. Only two I would add are Bowes Creek and Pine Meadow. It will come down to whether cost is a factor. If it is, that makes it easier since Glen Club, Mistwood and Cantigny are significantly more than the others. For me, the other must play on your list would be Stonewall...gorgeous property, great conditions, very challenging and has hosted numerous US Open qualifiers. Either way, you have a solid list.
  14. I don't think we will ever see anything like last year again. Just a perfect storm of great weather, government shutting down courses for March/April, people working from home and most other leisure activities unavailable. With things already starting to open back up and things getting back to normal throughout the Summer, I think the number of golfers will start to revert to the mean. It was insane last year trying to get a tee time, just can't imagine that again this year, but good for the courses if it is!
  15. There are many things to consider with Itasca ( no driving range, the possibility that they sell half the golf course and make it 9 holes, the tight layout, etc.) but of equal importance is that they dropped membership dues so low that it is sometimes difficult to get a tee time. I tried numerous times this year during the week and could not get on and that is unusual with a private club.
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