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  1. First step....Have you inquired at any of these clubs? Five years ago, there were choices but that is no longer the case as a lot of clubs were at the full membership. I'm not sure if Itasca opened back up but they were full and that is honestly not as nice as some of the public courses within 15 minutes.
  2. I agree with literally everything above from ld, but would add Prairie Bluff. Great conditioning and good layout...you cannot go wrong with this course and right in the area.
  3. Poplar Creek just opened up their brand new Top Tracer heated bays. Every bay has the Top Tracer set up and it looks pretty nice, not a dome though.
  4. Trick I started last year was to wear winter gloves and then pull them off when hitting. If you think about the miniscule amount of time you actually are swinging a club, it starts to make sense. Worked well for me in temps around 35 degrees. Just pull them off and put them in pull cart and put them back on after swinging. This is also ideal for me since I never wear golf gloves.
  5. Highlands yesterday and I don't really have the words. The conditions were better than most courses in the middle of the Summer. Fairways, tee boxes and rough were essentially perfect. The greens were slow but for November 21st, I was impressed. We all agreed to play here more often, the layout, conditions and 19th hole are top notch. I don't want to play another round, even if it reaches 70 degrees because that was the perfect way to end the year.
  6. Highlands of Elgin Sunday, wanted to find a course that would not have leaf issues. Expecting decent conditions since it is always in such nice shape. This will be it for me for 2021 golf!
  7. Funny you mention the leaves, I was at Crystal Mountain and the courses were closed for the year despite it being 60 degrees. There would have been no way to play that course as I walked past it solely based on the leaves over the course. You would spend entirely too much time looking and even then, would have to take numerous penalties throughout the round. Now is the time of year to stick to a Prairie Landing or Highlands of Elgin!
  8. Maple Meadows yesterday. I think that will do it for me for the year. It was basically impossible to figure out club selection with 10 mph winds and 45 degree temps. Course was in fine shape for November, fairways were real nice. Greens were very shaggy and slow, extremely difficult to make anything longer then 4 feet. There was no one out which is always enjoyable, we walked in 3:40 minutes.
  9. We played Hughes Creek on Friday and thank goodness we did not add this to our 100 top courses to rank. This was what we like to call an "It's in the grass Course" You can't tell the fairway and rough apart so if you tee off, the ball is either in the grass or in a hazard...lol. The scenery was nice and we enjoyed the place and the views. The 19th hole bartender was super nice. The course itself...wow. Two gimmick holes on the front 9 were so poorly designed. You cannot have a 460 yard par 4 that narrows at 270 out to about 10 yards wide with a tree on the right and hazard on the left. I remember someone mentioned to be careful after hole 2 as you drive back towards the incoming shots...so true. Surprised if no one has been seriously injured there. The conditions were probably the worst I had played since Brookwood in Michigan years ago. You were literally in the rough in the fairway. Oddly enough, we will probably go back as our buddy moved to Batavia and this is fairly close by. As far as Mistwood, with what courses are charging nowadays, this is easily one of the top 5 public courses/facilities in the Chicago area in my opinion. I think it is better than Dubsdread, Cantigny and Glen Club and those courses all charge more (some significantly). Gorgeous facility with nice conditions and outstanding amenities.
  10. Wow, so much to say about Village Links of Glen Ellyn. The ultimate of mixing good with bad. Greens were awesome speed but VERY bumpy, to the point it affected putts. Fairways were perfect, like carpet but I was a foot off the fairway on 9 and in hard pan dirt, no chance. That happened numerous times to our group. The layout was exactly as mentioned above, not very many memorable holes but still enjoyable. There were two tee shots that were literally affected by overhanging trees, that cannot happen. I was on the backs and was told to use a different tee box but I figured...play it as it lies...lol. I played great so I guess I should not complain (44-41-85) but I like to be honest and if I did not hit perfect tee shots on 5 and 10, those holes could have been brutal with zero landing area. I guess at 74.9, it's not supposed to be easy. I will say this, it did not feel like 7200 yards and that is a testament to the course. The 19th hole is amongst the best in the Chicagoland suburbs, right there with Bowes, Mistwood, etc. Food was excellent and atmosphere was great. I would definitely head back but man, they need to clear the trees that affect the tee shots from the back tees. There was a hole on the back where you would be completely screwed if you play a cut. My guess is that the back tees don't get alot of play though as the tee boxes were perfect whereas the white tee boxes were chewed up. On a side note, the staff was also super nice. Pace was great and we had a wonderful time...nice course.
  11. On Saturday, it will be my first time at Village Links of Glen Ellyn in about 6-7 years. I don't remember much of the course which is strange for me. I remember a wacky 18th hole and some really tight tee shot landing areas. I do remember getting my brains beat in though! Hopefully no leaf issues, getting to be that time of the year. Anyone play it recently?
  12. Could not agree more. Really fun course and always great conditions. Back definitely gets more challenging. This reminds me I need to play there more!
  13. Just finished up at Poplar Creek...awesome pace at 3:09 minutes on the dot. This has to be one of the hardest courses for the yardage around. Played it over 200 times as it was my high school home course 20 years ago and still had five 3-putts on the "front" nine. 44-37-81. Never played so well to end up with that score but you are punished on this course and apparently I am awful at putting. The 2nd hole green is just treacherous. Absolutely perfect conditions out there. Fairways were like carpet and if you like thick, lush rough, then you got it. Tough greens...
  14. First time out at Ironhorse. Continuing on with rating the top 100 in Illinois. Thought the layout was really cool as every hole was different but there was a little too much water in play off the tee in strange places. Greens were nice but fairways and tee boxes were chewed up, etc. Tough course to score on with all the penalties lurking. I liked it and would play again but the ranking probably won't be great. A nice relaxing day and. 2:20 minute round will never get old...
  15. Haha! Yes, it is a very gimmicky, target course shoved into a subdivision. The conditions are usually good and the clubhouse is nice, but it is not a course that I seek out. I'm a big fan of Buffalo Grove Golf Course though.
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