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  1. @harp98We appreciate you considering us and happy to answer any questions you may have
  2. hey all! Thanks for the love and we appreciate everyone who is considering us. lefties are available in the new Haywood 100’s now and we are working on our lefty Haywood MB’s for the end of this early / early next year. regarding offset - these have minimal offset and are spot on when compared to other modern MB’s in both offset and lofts. we feel they are definitely a great price compared to the other 2-3 manufacturers out there who created a fully CNC milled iron (cobra rev33 @2499 or Seven Irons (believe $3900-4900) but ours come stock with tour issue dy
  3. @FerrisBueller - Just as an FYI - haywoodgolf MB irons are conforming
  4. > @2bGood said: > Today I had 8 birdies and shot even par. It could have been one for the ages. What is the most birds you have made and still not broken par? 7 It was the most inspiring yet horrendous day of golf I have ever played.
  5. > @jamison258 said: > Hey everyone! I am new to this forum and I have done some digging around for similar topics but I wanted to ask the club techs what their opinion is towards the above loft sets. > > I have a Mizuno JPX919 Tour PW, which has a 46* loft. I plan on adding 3 more wedges to complete my set. My handicap is 8. I understand that the ideal gapping in my scenario would be 50;54;58 but I know many pros out there gap it 52;56;60 with a similar PW loft. > > My question is, what is the difference? Why do most pros opt for 52;56;60, and not 50;54;58? >
  6. > @RodrigoNicely said: > So I need new irons after having just about everything under the sun to try. Question is should I buy existing model or wait. Doesn’t sound like anything too exciting iron wise in the pipe for next year We suggest doing your research and finding the right club for you. Could be today, could be tomorrow.
  7. > @Taylormadegack said: > Currently gaming Taylormade R7 irons and wondering with my steep attack if I would benefit from a iron with more bounce. I couldn’t find exact specs for the R7 irons (non tp) but I feel they are lower bounce? > > I have good swing speed but working on ball striking. I am pretty steep and a bit of a digger. Irons I have on my list so far: > - Ping I210 > - Ping G410 > - Srixon > > I would love to buy used clubs but I am 6’6 and finding clubs that fit me are tough used so I’m pretty much stuck to buying new. > > Am I on
  8. > @Aboutpepe said: > Looking to buy new irons but debating whether to wait since there will be lots of new irons coming out next year? Tried the M6 irons and Wilson D7, will get fitted as well
  9. > @dannyv16 said: > Need some help with a new three wood, didn’t like Callaway epic but hit my M3 driver really well. Thinking about the three wood but also thinking about Mizuno ST as well. I am about a 7 handicap and need something easy to hit off the ground and won’t balloon. Thanks Highly recommend the Ping g410 or 410. Both are solid options and look perfect at address.
  10. > @grm24 said: > > @balls_deep said: > > Sub70 makes some good clubs I hear. I’d give hogan a look as well. > > Wish Sub70 offered their irons (at least the CB) for left hand golfers. Definitely need to have some lefty clubs like us.
  11. > @HappyGilmoresBoots said: > I've been doing a lot of research lately on getting some new irons for next season...basically, my entire bag is filled with pre-Y2K clubs, and I'm looking to modernize. I've come across tons of mail-order or DTC club manufacturers, from the biggie Bombtech on down to what appear to be far-East drop-shippers from Amazon (the likes of [Mazel](https://www.amazon.com/MAZEL-Titanium-Driver-Handed-Graphite/dp/B07S9J534R?ref_=ast_sto_dp "Mazel"), [Wazaki](https://www.amazon.com/WaZaki-Finish-WL-IIs-Headcover-Regular/dp/B06X3RWZRH?ref_=ast_sto_dp "Wazaki"), and [
  12. > @xyckin said: > Would a 2 degree change in loft significantly change my yardage? > I'm currently using a 60 Hi Toe which I love for short shots and bunker shots but I've also found that from time to time I need to hit a high 100 yard shot which I try to do with my 60 wedge but it always comes up short. My full shots for 50 goes 125-130, 54 goes 115-120 and I can actually control these distances just fine so I assume that a 60 should get me about 100 but it comes up short at 85-90. The only way I can actually get my 60 to go 100-105 is by really just hammering down the 60 which le
  13. Thanks for including us in this list @earleyrc We also have Slope rangefinders now and irons are coming soon too
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