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  1. Picked up a double wide at sa open.they feel very nice the balance of the club is spot on
  2. Iron heads had to be shipped to the site, got there around 9 am Tuesday, and then they took a few hours to build and cure. Woods, wedges, and putter were done Monday afternoon. The cans don’t travel with a ton of iron sets in their drawers. Ryan Mcarthy who plays Titleist clubs that were the current models lost his on the same flight and his irons also had to be shipped next day from Titleist. They are also VERY busy working on stuff for other players. There’s only a few guys working on clubs in each van. Wasn't having a dig,just very rare that they run out of iron heads those weeks
  3. They were built ASAP which meant early afternoon the next day. That’s literally as fast as they could be made. I was literally standing right there the entire time and the story got worldwide coverage. He was one of 3 players last year who lost their clubs and it took until mid day for all of them to have sets built. But please continue telling me I’m wrong. That's shocking was just seeing if there was a reason,vans are busy but special cases normally get priority
  4. Main reason ball flies better and stops hands getting wet/dirty then getting grip wet etc
  5. At the open if you need clubs they will be built asap,unless using some Radom clubs that are not vans?
  6. How so? Do they make their own travel arrangements? Pay for flights and hotels Meals? Arrange practice rounds, play pro-ams responsible for showing up to work on time, or they get DQ'd Hire personal coaches, which aren't provided by the team. Have to use personal doctors and trainers instead of those provided by the team? Need to learn to drive, hit fairways, hit irons, wedges, putt, bunkers, chip? guaranteed contracts vs. having to win prize money to pay the expenses? Lose your card if you don't perform one season. Look I love baseball, but those guys have it easy compared to the guys
  7. Interesting read I don't understand guys saying anyone gets paid to much,if they are getting paid to much(this implies it's easy money)then simple go and get the same job as them,if you think speith earns to much go and win the masters the open etc and you will earn the same,if you think a premiership footballer earns to much go and get a contract with a team,if you think people get paid to much for entertainment then become tom cruise or Beyoncé,it's simple most people don't because they can't. Same in many walks of life the top people earn the big money and a lot of other people moan,a hig
  8. thats a new one flat swing plane trouble out of the rough That's nothing compared to Bernhard Langer's arm lock from years ago. Right? At least that one got him a Masters. I like Koooch. Flat swingers have trouble out of the rough though. One of his downfalls Flat swing struggle out of rough?
  9. Just a little update on progress,finished the sunshine tour season in 85th place on money list,played some good golf last few months but not got the results,qualified for two European tour events in Sa the joburg open and tshwane open shooting 69 and 67 in qualifying,the joburg open was a bit of a mare due to the weather,qualifying wasn't played till weds so no practice round on either course for joburg open(have played courses before)a shocking start +4 through ten hole on the tougher course,battle back to shoot 74 knowing the cut would be around -4 lots of work to do.a good start to round tw
  10. Hi sorry didn't see this,I didn't play desert springs as was playing sunshine tour in South Africa that week
  11. Beef will be fine anywhere in the world,he's no different on to or off tv the guy can get on with anyone,and Shaun Reddin will point him in the rite direction.
  12. Got one of these in the bag didn't realise it wasn't avalible in retail,nice wood to be fair
  13. Hiya a bit of swing work but just trying to score as just played 6 weeks in a row so hard to get much swing work in
  14. Royal is one of my favourite course greens were awesome,what course do u play in joburg?
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