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  1. 1. Titleist TSi3 10 Degree. Normal wear and tear. price: $335 - shaft 1: Speeder Evo 661 Tour Spec 661x. DJ Shaft which plays at about 45 inches with tour velvet standard grip. Price: $old - shaft 2: Tensei AV Raw white 65 stiff. Standard Titleist length. Tour velvet regular. Price: $75 Head + Tensei shaft: $400 shipped 2. Srixon ZX 2 Utility - 18 degree. Mint condition. Shaft is KBS TGI 100g x-stiff shaft. Brand new MCC +4 mid grip. You can no longer order this combo from Srixon. price: $old Trade interest: Arm lock putter, Hybrid, Radspeed Xb 9 degree, TM 300 mini driver
  2. Fair point. I did not hit 4 iron vs 4 iron. However, the ZXU 2 doesn't launch any higher than my previous P790 UDI or X-Forged Ut while the U85 4 iron I find to launch much easier than other 4 irons I've gamed/tried.
  3. I had a U85 4 iron and ZXU 2 iron. No doubt prefer the U85 - more forgiving, feels better, flies higher. ZXU looks better at address but that's about it. Got rid of the ZXU and going to find a U85 2 iron
  4. Price for pants updated - rest is sold.
  5. 1. PING G425 LST 9 degree with Accra TZ5 65 M4. Plays 45 inches and is tipped about 1/2 inch. Built by TrueSpec. Around D4 SW. price: $OLD 2. Odyssey Double Wide Armlock Putter - 40 inches. Superstroke wrist lock grip. price: $OLD 3. Titleist TS3 4 wood with Tensei Blue 75x. plays 42.5 inches. price: SOLD 4. Lululemon Pants - ABC slim - 32 waist 34 length. Blue denim looking style. -$65
  6. 1. Callaway X-Forged UT 2 iron -w- Ventus Black 9TX. Near mint condition - 9/10. Standard specs and z-cord standard grip. $295 obo 2. Tensei Orange AV Raw 65x Ping driver shaft. Standard length. Golf pride Arccos grip. Used 2 rounds $110 obo
  7. Thanks for the responses. I'm fairly confident something is off with mine unfortunately.
  8. Just got my ZX Utility (after more than 2 months of waiting). It sounds very metallic. When you bounce a ball of it it sounds like you're bouncing a penny off of it. I previously had the Z85 Utility and it did not have anywhere near the same sound/feel. I'm almost thinking there is something loose in the head? Or something else wrong with it? Or is this how they all sound/feel?
  9. Just spoke to customer service about my ZX5/ZX7 combo order which was placed January 21. They said the issue is with the MCC midsize red grips being on back order through mid-april. I switched to a different grip so hopefully they will show up soon. So just a heads up for others who may have ordered with that grip...
  10. 1. P790 UDI - Nippon GOST UDI TX shaft. - custom order, custom build. Well cared for but played for 1 season. Absolute bomber. Paid close to $400 for it. $245 shipped
  11. @mgoblue83 the shaft labels will not all be aligned due to the puring process. Will grab and post additional pictures ASAP. If the misaligned labels are a bother (which I understand) I believe True Temper will send extra labels to put on.
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