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  1. Paint splash Driver - $OLD Paint splash 3W - $OLD Collective blade - $OLD Collective towel - $OLD
  2. purple one $175 https://www.ebay.com/itm/203446285854 yellow one $500 https://www.ebay.com/itm/393297096820
  3. man that was a knee slapper. I bet you chuckled real hard typing that.
  4. This isn't correct. Most of the negative feedback is from people who didn't even have a chance to get anything because the site didn't work. Before they changed the site most people had a chance to get something, albeit it was a small one, but it was still a chance. Their new site is complete garbage and it isn't like they don't have the money to do things properly as it was working fine last year and the year before. And "feeling lucky if we get something" is such a crappy way of looking at this that will never inspire change. Like we're peasants and we should only be as l
  5. I like the creativity but I hate that material as a jacket so I wouldn't buy it as a headcover either lol.
  6. 1. I'm hoping it will make me more consistent inside 10' 2. 7-10 3. Bentonville, AR 4. I'm comfortable with a TM Spider Tour mallet currently, but practice with an anser style as well. 5. Strength is distance control, weakness would be starting line i think 6. Public and private, most of the greens are well maintained with varying speeds 7. Yes, unless it's raining. 8. Definitely
  7. Looks like they're about to start shipping out membership packages.
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