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  1. 1. Yeahhhh boiiiii 2. My yard, driving range, course, your house 3. Because numbers are essential
  2. I got lucky and hit the special on the blackjack wood covers. Saving them for trade bait if something else comes along this year.
  3. There’s people who buy a lot of custom stuff too. Collecting that stuff isn’t for me. It just sits around and IMO, not worth it. I sold it all except for a custom marker and divot tool.
  4. I bought almost every drop in a year and didn’t get invited.
  5. I just wanna see what it looks like. I grabbed TBC and Swags Halloween covers
  6. 34”, 350g allendale with black shaft and T lamb grip, site line on the flange. Pictures show finish wear. FULL DISCLOSURE : Tyson will not touch this putter for a Spa day refinish since the finish was changed by Golf Garage before I bought it. Allendale $2700 shipped with insurance. The Jones pouch has not been used at all. $80 shipped Any questions then please ask.
  7. Not sure if any of you is interested in the Paraglider mallet cover, but I posted mine for cost plus shipping
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