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  1. 34”, 350g allendale with black shaft and T lamb grip, site line on the flange. Pictures show finish wear. FULL DISCLOSURE : Tyson will not touch this putter for a Spa day refinish since the finish was changed by Golf Garage before I bought it. Allendale $2700 shipped with insurance. The Jones pouch has not been used at all. $80 shipped Any questions then please ask.
  2. Not sure if any of you is interested in the Paraglider mallet cover, but I posted mine for cost plus shipping
  3. I thought since Swag bought EP that people like TBC and Lamb had to find a new headcover supplier? That’s what they eluded to anyway
  4. I grabbed the mallet today to see how the new company’s quality on the covers.
  5. 1. Bentonville, AR 2. 10 3. Lost Springs/Bella Vista Country Club 4. Lost Springs or BVCC 5. Knowing the ins and outs of the greens and course in general 6. Yaaaassssss girllllll
  6. Yeah not sure why I spaced out in the title but i called it a super rat in the description.
  7. I’m pretty sure lots of people want bigger bulges in their pockets…
  8. Used Concept 1 GSS Super Rat. Sent into the CS and got a brand new 34.5” shaft and Dancing Cameron cord grip installed, 20g Circle T weights, with COA. no head cover. $OLD, includes PP fees and fully insured shipping in the US. Can do FedEx or USPS, your call. Looking for a Sim 3W and/or 5W with stiff shaft and cash as trade.
  9. Hey you hear that guys? He spent less than $80 on two putters.
  10. You apparently haven't been following Olson lately and seen the feedback on him lol. Seems he may have bitten off more than he can chew and gives zero f's about CS. TL on the other hand, the very few complaints I've seen were handled incredibly quick and with complete satisfaction from the customer. Never seen someone not happy with their putter purchase either. Weird how what people who don't buy anything from him think and what actually happen are two completely different things. TL made some mistakes when he was first coming up, big deal. People change, get over it you crotchety old kooks lol.
  11. Brand new handmade in Tennessee Alligator Cash cover, navy in color with light blue stitching. $75 shipped in CONUS.
  12. Seems to be the same guys that come in every one of the Lamb threads and complain. Ya'll are worse than some women with the grudges you've held over people who you've never met and never actually did anything to you lol. So what he makes a bunch of ball markers and tools that make more money with less time spent. Live and let live guys lol.
  13. the “Slow Play” giant on everything is worse IMO. I get it, that’s the tag line they’re using but to put it on almost everything and so big is a tad much.
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