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  1. I'll be putting mine up as a game to get my money back
  2. I'm terrible with them as well, but that doesn't stop me from keeping one and trying to get better with them while I use my Spider lol.
  3. They get pretty heated, people who don't like Lamb can't just let a Lamb appreciation thread stay positive. People gonna be people
  4. They all get deleted or locked within a week lol
  5. Everything I've read is that they hate he doesn't put out more putters or he comes across as arrogant, but I've never seen someone hate on his actual putters. You no like his work?
  6. I know it’s been down before, I think last year? Probably the same issue they had but I can’t recall what it was.
  7. Necromancing this thread... I watch a lot of Mike Bender on Instagram, and over the winter do a lot of drills inside. I use a similar feedback station like this outdoors but wanted to make one indoors. https://www.instagram.com/p/CJG4ZfdlO-B/?igshid=1a1lbo9xtv8k0 Shag bucket, 5lbs of rice, extra shaft, pool noodle, part of a pool noodle for a washer to keep the nood where I want it. Viola, indoor feedback.
  8. I like that size of cash bag, I got one from Lambcrafted and it's rather large to hang off the side of a bag. I like the canvas material of it though. Didn't renew last year but am definitely going to this year.
  9. I love the design and looks of the anser style of putter, but I'm not that good with them. I'm decent, but not anywhere near as good as with my TM Spider Tour (Jason Day model). I have better distance control and start line with it. Even if my start line is off due to a faulty stroke, the distance control is good so its not that bad of a putt. I still go back to my Brandon Matthews anser style putter though, I probably should just stick to my Spider, but alas I'm a hoe.
  10. Update on my glove. No idea how many rounds and practice sessions are on this glove but it’s been used, a lot lol.
  11. Brand new Sugar Skull Golf Vessel Player 2.0 stand bag - $OLD shipped including PP fees/insurance Willing to trade for new Sim drivers/FW, irons, no putters unless they're an Olson retro. Let me know what you got. DGPro Stiff shafts pulled from Nike Vapor pro combo irons (8 total, measurements shown) - $old pin 12/20
  12. But the 100's of lower tiered players who will never reach the level he's been on are a better investment? Makes sense.
  13. You are definitely one of the three, if ya catch my drift sailor.
  14. That right there is a problem as well, new people aren't treated the best and have to walk on eggshells. Who cares how long someone has been here, joke away. Some people take forums waaaaaay too seriously. Join dates mean absolutely nothing. You could be a 30 year golfer but brand new join here, giving your opinion and someone will act like their opinion is more valid than yours because they've been here for 10 years. Just want to clarify that this is a problem across all forums TBH, not just here.
  15. I just put a Mamiya Proforce V2 driver shaft on my Brandon Matthew’s putter, with a SS 1.0 grip. The KBS CT Tour putter shaft made it have almost no feel and was clicky. The weight is obviously all at the bottom but it feels good to me. I switch between it and a TM Spider Tour Red.
  16. How people are trying to discredit this win for DJ is mind boggling lol. "executive course" "flat tournament". Salty a** hoes
  17. That's a BIG if. His back isn't getting any better. Neither are his knees. Today showed that and the amount of withdraws and poor showings hes had the past two years shows it as well. Are there glimmers of greatness still there? Of course. It's ok, I get it. You guys want him to win another Masters, but realistically it won't happen. Just accept it lol.
  18. Father time hasn't been kind to him. Will he win another tournament? Yes, but not the Masters. Not with the crop of people who are coming up and playing as good as they are.
  19. All of you saying this was a flat tournament are insufferable lol. DJ merked this tournament.
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