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  1. I hope Tiger's OK!!! He deserves a long and healthy life. I wonder if his GSS "Elder Wand" was in the car?
  2. The Cobra RadSpeed irons are solid. But it feels like they are putting carbon fiber on the topline simply to get some more visible tech onto it and to say there's carbon fiber there. If they really wanted to save maximum weight, they can leave that notch where the carbon fiber goes empty. Because you know what weighs even less than carbon fiber?...........air.........
  3. Tungsten in irons do indeed help move the CG and get the ball into the air more easily. But I can't stand "faux" tungsten on irons that are purely there for cosmetics. What I mean is, I don't like it when on the iron head itself, there may be an area that's sandblasted or PVD'd to make the consumer think that's where the Tungsten is at.
  4. I think no matter if he wins or loses, it will an entertaining round to watch. Xander looks so solid with the new driver. Wouldn't be surprised if JT throws up a nice little 63 tomorrow to steal it as well.
  5. I wonder if RF will continue to game this set after the REV33 product launch period ends? Seems like he's utilizing the past two weeks for tournament condition MMT shaft testing.
  6. Spot on. I think a lot of folks forget that the TM Spider was on the market for a long time before it gained a second life...after the Spider with the slant neck was released. I recall when JDay won the PGA with it, TM launched the slant neck Spider as a Vault product at a very high retail price. Then the trend of additional toe flow mallets became a trend, and here we are.
  7. Titleist should just take the Pro V1x Left Dash and launch it as the 2021 Pro V1x.
  8. I really like the Copper PVD finish on these. If you could choose another set of blades to apply the copper PVD to, which set would it be? I would go with Titleist 620 MB's. Or the CNCPT-02.
  9. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Desert-Vibes/DW-JIZ33-25.html?lang=en_US&cgid=taylormade-vault#start=1& Looks like you will be able to. Accessory designs by companies such as TM and SWAG are starting to surpass Scotty's.
  10. Looks like the beautiful copper finish will be used for other Cobra irons as well.
  11. Rumford is a magician with the Vokeys. His wedge shots on Instagram are pretty great as well.
  12. I hit my 5 iron 25 yards longer than my 7 iron. Maybe I need more 5 irons in my set.
  13. no limits on golf equipment. And allow PED's . Now that will make for some interesting viewing.
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