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  1. Titleist should just take the Pro V1x Left Dash and launch it as the 2021 Pro V1x.
  2. I really like the Copper PVD finish on these. If you could choose another set of blades to apply the copper PVD to, which set would it be? I would go with Titleist 620 MB's. Or the CNCPT-02.
  3. https://www.taylormadegolf.com/Desert-Vibes/DW-JIZ33-25.html?lang=en_US&cgid=taylormade-vault#start=1& Looks like you will be able to. Accessory designs by companies such as TM and SWAG are starting to surpass Scotty's.
  4. Looks like the beautiful copper finish will be used for other Cobra irons as well.
  5. Rumford is a magician with the Vokeys. His wedge shots on Instagram are pretty great as well.
  6. I hit my 5 iron 25 yards longer than my 7 iron. Maybe I need more 5 irons in my set.
  7. no limits on golf equipment. And allow PED's . Now that will make for some interesting viewing.
  8. I'm sure YouTube has taken a huge bite out of Golf Channel viewing time and viewer attention.
  9. Merry Christmas Everyone! I think Jon Rahm is going to be just fine if he is allowed to adjust at his own pace. All of the major brands have sufficient R&D budgets and support teams on-site at events to ensure players get what they need. The Callaway Tour Support staff is one of the best in the business.
  10. Matthew Fitzpatrick is the "poor man's" Tommy Fleetwood . His swing and ball striking are not as attractive as Tommy's. But Matthew gets the job done in terms of winning. https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/rolex/news/articles/detail/double-dubai-delight-as-fitzpatrick-claims-first-rolex-series-win/
  11. I think if a player has been really well fit into their current driver within the last 2 years, they will not see earth shattering results from any new offerings in 2021. The golf consumer is winning. There are seriously good 2019/2020 drivers in the market at 25%-35% off the original price.
  12. When I think of Tommy Fleetwood, I always think of Matthew Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick is 3 years younger than Tommy but they both have 5 European Tour wins. Tommy is a strong player, but in terms of marketability and visibility, Tommy did himself a great favor growing a beard and letting his hair grow out. Sponsors are paying players for the amount of time they can be on screen, which is why Michelle Wie got paid A+ bucks with a C+ playing resume. But I sometimes wonder if Tommy were to shave, cut his hair off and play the same way, would his price go down?
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