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  1. M6 3 hybrid reg flex in good condition
  2. Up for sale is a Very good condition Adams Idea Super 2 hybrid Best hybrids made in my opinion 17° - Stiff flex shaft $50 obo shipped / add $15 shipping west of Mississippi
  3. I play the PTM blacks right now. When hit off the middle they feel exactly like I would think a forged club is supposed to feel like. I have been missing them off the toe lately so they may be a little clickier than usual but nothing offensive. I put some vibration dampeners in the shafts I used. I feel like it cuts down the sound / feel / vibration enough to be super comfortable but not mess with the feeling when you hit a bad shot. Just bought another set of heads as backup because if they are discontinuing them we won't be able to find them. I wanted to build a s
  4. Had to grab one today. But now at least I’m set for a couple years probably
  5. Damn you're right I guess I'll have to buy a set soon
  6. I think he said something on the website about them having one more order of PTM Blacks on order that should carry them through 2021? Just wondering if I should buy a backup set now or if I can wait a few months
  7. Just read about the PTM's being discontinued. I wanted to make a Chrome set but never got around to it because I like the DBM so much. Since those are being discontinued as well I don't know if I should buy another set of heads as a backup I don't know if they could make another head like the PTM. Especially considering like Popeye said the TS-1s are just selling better
  8. Up for sale is a Callaway XR16 3-wood in very good condition. Probably used 10 rounds and a couple range sessions. Very few hits and very clean. One ball mark on face but cannot see at address. Head cover included. Standard length / stiff flex shaft $80 OBO shipped priority usps to lower 48. Add $15 west of Mississippi. MAKE OFFERS
  9. True I think there are only a few models available for lefties
  10. Check out Maltby Irons. Have something for everyone. I currently play the PTM Blacks. Best irons I've ever played. There is a 50 page Maltby TS2 thread on WRX that will answer any question you would have about them. They're also a fraction of the cost of all the irons you mentioned
  11. City, State? Buffalo, NY Handicap? 12 Current Putter? Odyssey O-works Black 3T Biggest struggle when putting? Distance control What model Huntington Beach SOFT Premier putter would you like to test? #8 34" Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and high quality photos? Yes Do you agree to write a review of the putter on Cleveland's website? Yes
  12. I'm not as good of a reviewer as Popeye so I'll let him tell you but I can say these are the best irons I've had. I put some sting stopper inserts in the shafts before I put the grips on and they are by far the softest irons I have ever played. I'm a 9-13 handicap at any given time if that gives you some context about the forgiveness and playability. I'm pretty sure Popeye said the PTMs were a little bit bigger and easier to play than the MMBs. I liked the look of the PTMs better than the DMBs. The PTMs seem to spin but not too much for me. They hit the green and are either a few feet pa
  13. Don't pass on the PTMs for thin and off the toe. That has been my miss lately and while I do feel the miss slightly it doesn't affect performance very much
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